Haircuts – Trends 2012/2013

Between the maxi fringe Marni, the asymmetrical carr Boner Leonardo, short loops Azzaro, wild lengths Rag & Bone and two-color dyeing Prada, difficult to know what hairstyle to adopt to start the e back in beauty. As the choice of the ideal cut is often more a matter of shape of face as trends…

Forward to snap him not Miley Cyrus on the trail of the punk cut, copy – paste the carred Arizona Muse grad or succumbing the treaded fringe e Antonio Berardi models, better is worth to know the PR prior if these hair fantasies so will our oval or not. Small passage in the main review “do and don’t”…
Scarr faces the Cameron Diaz privilege gieront the cuts and colors likely to soften their contour. We think so find out the meches around the face, unraveling those close to the forehead and accentuate the volume on top of the t you. We can also adopt a Boner and structure asymmetrical haircut or a soft l g fringe slightly rounded.
The faces “in the heart” the Reese Witherspoon will win d leave short cuts for the benefit of a long carr flirting with the shoulders. The clearest perspective colors, have the advantage of nicely round face in the illuminant. Finally, the curls will try, while the potential fringe will be effil and coiff on tc.

The rectangular faces the Hilary Swank or Agyness Deyn will be flatt s by a short cut RBM onne. A fringe dense will allow also to r balance between a too high forehead, while s carr (at the level of the choire m) long conf will a bit density of faces too close.
Triangle faces the Jennifer Aniston must as they focus on the forehead and the top of the t te – in order to soften the choire m – opting for a color rather t functions e and d grad long; a stripe on the side and the volume the hair ach r balance the entire face might root. A fringe dense, likely to give the volume the part superior of the face, can also be considered e.

If the round faces Ginnifer Goodwin will perfectly endure a little short cut, they are n still long hair, stiff, s functions and d s grad who will value most (you never forget to give volume to the roots and the ends and remove the c t, way not accentuate cheeks).
I mean, those lucky enough to be dot are a perfect oval can all afford, cuts the more os colorations are the most popular…

Once these are some rules reminder, int curious – we now to the main trends of the season:
The braids are more than ever in the air of the time, the fishtail (Blugirl) the classic braid of cavali re, through the eternal Crown of braids (Pucci) and the circle of braids (Salvatore Ferragamo).
Ideal for conf rer the famous plate “wet” (Alexander Wang, Cdric Charlier, Chanel), the gel-haired becomes the alli of fashionistas.
Dwire Dolce & Gabbana to show Oscar de La Renta, the headband to think now in fashion jewelry.

We don’t h site not attempt the bun in are seen at Valentino or mini twists of wire Fendied.
Fans of the fringes ultra structur are can opt either for a mini ann carr are 20 (Calvin Klein), either for a micro-fringe (Versace).
According to Miuccia Prada, the season would be two-tone coloring.
Debuns leave coiff /d coiff in favor of a banana volume, when they are not jewelry florets adorn (Dolce & Gabbana).

The fringes paisses and extra-long have also the coast (Marni)
At Rag & Bone, we pl biscite a crini e re structured by the wind and humidity. Difficult however to reproduce this “d disorder ordered” away from the beach and the sea e sal…
We note finally that accessories are more than ever the honour, the triple bars port are on the ct (Cacharel) to the comb toil illuminating a re crini blurred (Rodarte) through the large bar holding a ponytail bass (Rochas) and the vinyl tape enclosing a high ponytail.