Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Sexy Blacks, Lancôme Hypnosis Doll Eyes

Today I’m starting a new series that I’ve been a long time in the head. You can see it at the Polyvore collage and of course the post title: it’s about high end Mascaras.

I got it sorted out some of my full size Mascaras and also a few samples, I briefly (!) would like to introduce you and the result of which of course also plays a role on my eyelashes.

Is aware that Mascaras are a special thing to me – one it works just fine the other not. So I would like with my little introduction rounds (there are three, by the way and all Mascaras on the collage are doing!) No buy recommendations give and not directly fixed on you, but you simply what there is on the market and how it looks in my show. Maybe you want to try out the one or the other mascara then ever and maybe there is also something for you.
Also this is something else – all drugstore mascaras are presented to enough on all of the blogs, because I wanted to show something else to you.

The first three are:

♥ Dior – ‘ Diorshow New Look ”
♥ Helena Rubinstein – “lash Queen sexy blacks ‘
♥ Lancôme – “hypnosis doll eyes” (in sample size)

No special order, there are only the first three that I have photographed as far as finished. 🙂 And so we go directly and you can see what I there have been preparing you, it’s time for a click!

At the beginning, there are of course my unvarnished lashes. I must honestly say: I hate my lashes. They are relatively bright (as well as my eyebrows also), naturally already bundled (and need correspondingly well separating brush) and rather medium-long, so quite stupid to get a nice result.

I have tested many drugstore mascaras by the highly acclaimed multi action of essence, the Collossal by Maybelline jade, up down to an another favorite, the False lash effect of Max factor. None was so great that I wanted to buy them, I’ve bought only the Collossal repeatedly in my younger years, because she constantly dried up (and it should… have actually a sign). I mean, that my first expensive mascara, the “extreme party mascara” from Bobbi Brown was, I even had purchased on eBay (if she was real, I wonder to this day still…). And so started the long journey. I’ve already found my favorite – will be presented also the mascara in the series!

So here my “beautiful” eyelashes (as I so nicely say they are “anywhere but here”):

I think you can see what I have described. In the approaches they are even still a bit dark, but to barely visible tips. Well, you can see the combined state and the “length” is hopefully clear.

So, let’s start with the shading!

I got you already recently been shown→ Dior’s ‘New’. Nevertheless I want to introduce it again briefly here:

Dior – ‘ Diorshow New Look ”

Contents: 10 ml
Shelf life: 6 months
Price: €32

Brushes: Rubber
Bürstchengröße: Length approx. 2 cm, width approx. 5 mm
Texture: creamy

My opinion: I had already said in the first post to the mascara – it is not the best but not bad for my lashes. Unfortunately, a more concentrated result comes to light with me. The eyelashes are true Jet Black, have also considerably more length and swing and look in the picture also okay. In my case I would have to go through but, to get separate eyelashes then still with a clean brush. On the lower Lashline I’m a bit hard though the two-piece brush extra care is designed to be compatible with the short and fine lashes – I unfortunately a bit BLOB.

Should I give a school grade, this mascara I would get a 3, because the result is not bad, but much improvement and I would like to work for for the price.

The “lash Queen sexy blacks” quite a while in my collection of mascara is to find. I had to get a sample, was excited and had to have it immediately. With the waterproof version I didn’t come along way, unfortunately, in contrast to the normal version have my eyelashes extremely bundled up and looked really ugly… With this one, I ink but always welcome!

Helena Rubinstein – “lash Queen sexy blacks”

Content: 7.2 ml
Shelf life: 6 months
Price: €32.95

Brushes: synthetic hair
Bürstchengröße: approx. 2.8 cm, width length between 5-8 mm (so-called “90-60-90”-Bürstchen)
Texture: creamy

My opinion: I not wrong like the mascara. Especially the extension speaks for them, but the volume is much better. The separation could be a bit better, especially at the lower lashes, however, this is one of the best results in my eyelashes already. After all, I can say less bundles. Even without previously an eyelash curler to use, get the mascara a nice swing.

In school grades this mascara, I’d give a 1 because the separation is still expandable, as you will find in the series yet.

As you can see, it is here the sample size of the mascara. Because I very well like this, it may be presented here, also the original size is already on my → wish list.
The facts here also refer to the original size – the sample brush is also in the same size as the original.

Lancôme – “hypnosis doll eyes”

Content: 6.5 ml
Durability: the sample size is not specified, I go out but by 6 months
Price: €29,95

Brushes: synthetic hair
Bürstchengröße: approx. 2,6 cm, width length conical between approximately 4 and 10 mm
Texture: creamy

My opinion: I like very much the result to me. Also here is to detect back volume and length. The separation is okay, even with the lower lashes. Whether because the special brush is “guilty”, I can not say, anyway, it works well with my eyelashes. Even without Eyelash curler, mascara brings a nice swing.
In addition very funny:the mascara has a floral scent. I like him very much (you can smell him of course not, but only if you open the mascara and the brush smells).

Also here would I forgive a 1- school note technically, because I really like the overall result, but here also could be on the separation work.

To conclude, there are again all three results in comparison:

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my little series! The next part comes in the course of the next few days.

Perhaps you have even one of the three featured Mascaras, I would be happy about an Exchange with you. Maybe, yes a very different result come out with you! I’m curious!