Hip Hop Watches

Today I present the new watches Hip Hop loves Fiorucci, a colorful and cheerful line that was created thanks to the collaboration with Binda Group, which is entrusted to Fiorucci for this fabulous capsule collection that promises to be the most trendy summer 2011. If looking for a new and fashionable watch that does not cost a fortune, and that always goes well, this is the place for you, I love them and I have already decided that one is mine… at this point I just have to choose the color, and it is not an easy choice!

The Jibin123 Group watches were created in collaboration with Fiorucci, are beautiful, colorful, versatile and durable, I find it really the perfect for everyone and then, in my opinion, can be also nice to buy the same for you and your boyfriend. These watches are unisex, there are six colorful and chic models, based on the color you can express your emotions and communicate the fashion you love, the one that best represents your style. the watches have the strap in rubber and the dial of 32 mm these are customized by Fiorucci and are decorated with hearts, multicolored polka dots, rainbow, concentric circles, or even the sweet little angels Fiorucci.

Alora what do you think? You like them? I find them absolutely perfect for summer!