Hipstamatic: Photo App Available For Free – With iPhone 6 S Features

Hipstamatic brings his camera app for iOS to the latest version: just in time iPhone 6 s and iPhone 6 s plus the developers for the launch of the new Apple Smartphone update the photo application. Some features that are likely to be of interest especially to buyers of the new iPhone models to be added.

Now supports also the cameras of the new iPhone Hipstamatic version 300 and is for a limited time for free to have, as the verge reported. Hipstamatic is a camera app that served you like a traditional digital camera – including all the benefits that offers you a Smartphone. With the current version now also pictures can be taken MP iPhone 6s and 6 s plus 12 on the models.

Touch Support Gets 3D Hipstamatic

Also some 3D features are added: pressing, for example, in the thumbnail view easily on an image, this increases. Greater pressure brings the photo in edit mode. In addition, several shortcuts are available when pressing the Hipstamatic icon on the home screen of the iPhone 6 s.

Hipstamatic Photo App Available For Free - With iPhone 6 S Features

But also owner of the iPhone before models take advantage of new features in Hipstamatic: using new Pro mode now more settings when shooting can be made. So, you can reset the focus, performing a white balance, or adjust the ISO sensitivity. More functions and filters can earn by via in-app purchase. Except with iPhone Hipstamatic is 8 with iPads and the iPod touch compatible, as long as it at least iOS is installed as the operating system.