Hogan Shoes Collection 2014

Original and extravagant are the Hogan footwear collection of 2014. Unique collections that can be purchased online at attractive prices.

An Italian brand known around the world for its quality and for its always elegant and refined creations that it is a pair of sneakers or pumps. A collection of footwear that pits classic models to new models and more eccentric as the signed online Katie Grand, who has previously worked with Hogan with the capsules Gang for last autumn-winter . A collection that is inspired by pin-up with polka dots and hearts printed on sneakers, sandals, flats, slippers and accessories as cover for tablets and smartphones, but also bags. One very popular style of the younger.



Hogan for his collection in 2014 focuses on footwear from the classic models, introducing new reinterpreting pieces in pastel colors like pink, turquoise or green water, some of which are embellished with rhinestones as with the famous model Interactive.


A new and eccentric line consisting of stylish sneakers in neutral colors with floral details, dancers in black leather with colorful details suitable for casual-chic look. Then there are the leather models with internal heel detailing and coconut, ideal for a day look glam-rock and Ceremony


While eccentric and extravagant is the model Attractive. A new model for Hogan, an athletic shoe with internal chock full leather and made ​​with bright colors such as red and electric blue. Throughout the collection in 2014 no shortage then the shoes with heels as pumps and pumps, elegant sandals for office and evening with stiletto heels, but also dancers and slippers made ​​of high quality leather and following the trend of the moment. In order to reach a wider audience.