Home Spa Day for the Feet

If our feet, fellows, already in need of attention after a whole day carrying the weight of the body and tight inside of shoes and shoes, imagine the situation in which they are after four days of samba? Enjoy these days of post-revelry to make a home SPA day for the feet, with care ranging from proper cleaning to pampering more than deserved. After all, what would be the mess of the Carnival if the feet had not collaborated?

Home Spa Day for the Feet

4 steps for a home SPA day for the feet

Clean and exfoliate

You can see from far away: after all the time overloaded, the feet are left with a layer rough. So, the first step is to let it “new”again through the process of exfoliation. After washing with soap, make a scrub with 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 tablespoon of honey and 3 tablespoons of almond oil. Massage the foot with the mixture that will take away dead skin cells and restore the softness and hydration.

Use compresses

The hot compress relaxes the muscles and the tissues tense, increasing the circulation of blood to the place the treaty immediately and relieving pain caused by spasms, such as cramps and cramps. “The therapeutic use of this technique provides improvements fast, helping still in fighting edema and infections,” says Catharina Walzberg in the book ‘You can have health care just want’, published by Barany Publishing company.

Make a foot spa switched

The technique helps much in the case of possible bruises and sprains. The shock, cold/hot provides good stimulation of the circulation, by reeducate the arteries and veins to if they might enlarge and to contract alternately. Like produces general heating of the blood, this technique facilitates the circulation and, consequently, provides relief to the effort of the heart. To make the scalding of the feet alternately, fill a bucket with hot water (39 to 40°C) and the other with cold water (15 to 19°C). Place the feet and legs in hot water for 3 to 4 minutes; then in cold water for 1 minute.While your feet are in cold water, add boiling water to the bucket of hot water, to maintain the initial temperature. Switch 5 times, finishing with cold. Keep resting 15 to 20 minutes.

Put your feet up

Put a brick in the foot of the bed, leaving the most high, favours the venous return and the lymphatic system, which provides a reduction of the swelling and a pleasant feeling of rest in the next day. “A tip for those who will stay a long time on foot is the use of elastic stockings, prescribed by a doctor, which will avoid the swelling resulting from the effort,” says Marco Otani, orthopedic Center of Quality of Life (CQV).