Honor 7 First Impressions: A OnePlus 2-Killer?

Sharp price, a lot of quality components, prettily metal chassis is Honor 7 a new price bomb in the mid-range? Mobilsiden.dk samples OnePlus-Challenger.

Honor 7 is second flagship from Huaweis under fire aimed at the young and fresh. Here to be delivered both quality, performance and bucket loads of features at an attractive price. A discipline such as Huawei, and Honor, often excels in.

But since the label was to, many eyes been directed another Chinese brand that focuses on maximum bang for your buck: OnePlus.

To challenge OnePlus, and convince the young consumers, take Honor 7 based on Huawei flagships P8 and Ascend Mate 7. These sprinkled with even stronger specifications, and the price is lowered. 

All in all, an interesting cocktail that Honor has invited mobilsiden.dk to the London launch, to taste.

Metal clad sense

There are then saved on this phone? No, not apparently. First grip delivers for the cool aluminium-touch which normally belongs to toptelefoner in well-formed metal.

Design-wise, there is nothing to challenge, Honor 7 reuses for the fine, albeit a little conservative design from last year’s Mate 7. The new Honor is somewhat smaller, which draws the lines a little crisper up – and it all ends with a neat impression.

The sides are flanked by the finely polished metal, interrupted only by three buttons and a door to a nano SIM card plus the choice between an extra nano-SIM or a micro-SD. Buttons is the mandatory volume and power buttons which are both excellent placed in relation to the thumb totten.

The phone is 8 mm thin and barely 72 mm wide, which is a hefty size, however, without the growing completely out of hand. Enhånd control is still possible, especially if you swyper over the menu buttons – for it makes the whole screen less and everything will be easy to

Seen from the front is the phone on the other hand, quite anonymous, that’s a big, black surface covered with gorilla glass, which protects the relatively large 5.2 “display.

The display resolution is Full HD, which is an excellent match to the screen size. All text stands sharply and in General, colors and contrast quite satisfactory.

More cool features

An interesting innovation is what Huawei call smart button, which you can configure to get quick access to certain apps. A click opens, for example, flashlight, two open the camera, while a long press pulls Google search above. A neat detail, but at the same time, I fear that it will be too easy to activate it by mistake.

At the bottom you will find two loudspeakers, with the compulsory micro-USB port at the Center. Honor promises that this supports quick charging from 0 to 50% on half an hour, which can be a lifesaver when you’re on the go. A ‘ reverse-charging ‘ giving you the opportunity to save others in power trouble as you, with the right cable can share out of the flow from the large built-in battery.

A small infrared diode stored on top provides you with an infrared blaster that can mimic all the home’s remote controls. So you can control all the electronics with a simple device.


Just as good as the expensive

On the back you will find two of the phone’s main attractions: fingeraftrykslæsern and the camera.

Fingerprint reader builds on successful implementations in P8 and Mate Huaweis 7, but opens this time faster than ever – in just a half-second.
At the same time the scanner is built to be smarter than most, gets progressively better to scan your fingered the more you use it. Whether or not this is the case, however, should get a longer sample.

What works here and now, is the extra features as Honor 7 scanner possesses. For example, you can set it to answer a call, start the camera or to display notification curtain by a flick downward. Especially the last function is brilliant in its simplicity and makes that now you rarely need to enlarge the range of thumb totten in an attempt to reach the top bar.

Other big news is to be found in the camera, which is promising with its 20 megapixels, its optical image stabilization and slow-motion function. And so is the fine mechanics protected by scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal, which has hitherto been unheard of in the price class.

FIX: Honor P7 has no optical image stabilization, the information is written on the basis of an error in the press release.

Already in the first photos are more than convincing results: my first designs were surprisingly good and wait me about not this can camera can do it well against even the very best from Apple, Samsung and LG.

Engine room with profits

One is to have many fine features, something else is to handle them in tjept pace. For this purpose have Huawei further developed their top processor from P8-mobile and given the 100 MHz more to work with.

When the processor at the same time, featuring 8 cylinders, promise the good all along, especially because the new chip will have overtaken the graphics processor that showed weakness in P8.
On the other hand, it is not the latest Android 5.1 used, and thus is Google’s latest features from Android 5.1 not to find on board.

Huawei provides, however, again by including a large battery which belongs to the class the utmost with its capacity of 3,100 mAh. And then you get 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage space that can be expanded.


Can the beat OnePlus 2?

In the official press release was Huaweis Danish Consumer CB-Director not slow to send a greeting to OnePlus 2 phone. To Honor you will actually be able to buy 7 in the shops from mid-september – without the need for any invite.
And so will the price be the same: 2,999.0-dollars for 16 GB version.

On paper, they are far from identical. Processor in OnePlus 2 is technically stronger, while the software is based on a variety of Android: the enthusiast-based Oxygen US.
Honor 7 ‘s qualities on the other hand, is to find in a camera that draw unusually well, with a software package that clearly has a broader appeal with its iOS-style Android skin.

Finally, the size worth having in kalkulen. OnePlus 2 is a magnitude of Honor 7, which in turn confirms its ambitions as an enthusiast-mobile, while Honor sticks to a smaller, more popular format.

Worth following

It has been only a brief acquaintance with Honor 7, but after a few hours of use I can already see the exciting prospect of the Honorable Chinese citizen.

A sharp price and rich equipment package bodes well, and when the camera at the same time seems to interfere with the very best is the reason to follow the mobile close. Here at mobilsiden.dk we look forward to testing the phone more thoroughly.

Honor 7 will land in the Danish trade during week 37, and will come in two versions: white/silver or black/titanium.