How to Choose a Chain Necklace

Chain necklaces for summer 2016, here are the most beautiful to wear to enhance your look. As well as accessories and leather pants, the chain necklaces have a soul and rock rebel who gives oomph and style. They have a simple design, which is not likely to be excessive, that’s why you can really wear with everything! They are made of silver or steel, with a kind of ever-changing plot. They can be with large mesh and voluminous, suitable for those who love flashy bijoux, or very thin to have a discreet necklace that highlights the neckline. Usually requires a round neck and never too long. Being a neutral color, are very comfortable with all kinds of shades, but to help it stand out to best recommend you a black top, that with the steel of the chain is a perfect match. The chain necklace in rock or glam style both can be worn simple or embellished with colored ribbons to give an innovative and friendly touch to the summer period. Simply choose a color elastic strips favorite (try those fluo, are truly amazing on tanned skin!) And start intrecciarla in the chain. Parts from the first ring, tucking the tape and bringing it in half, then, take the part placed behind and driving it forward to fit it, from behind, inside the second ring.

This continues until the end of the chain and secured with a knot. You will have a personalized necklace chain. If you’re good with the hook can do the same type of work with this technique, trying different colored wires, and points to make new original your necklace. Browse our site to discover the necklaces most beautiful chain for summer 2016.