How To Choose A Diamond Tennis Bracelet As A Gift

Missing very little now on Valentine’s day and if my advice about jewelry as giftswere not enough and the 10 gift ideas on watches for women and men had not helped in the selection, then I pull out my ACE from his sleeve: the tennis bracelet.

I wanted to talk for some time now, also because I think it’s a perfect gift for all occasions: from Christmas to Valentine’s day, birthday, anniversary is a jewel absolutely suitable for the look of a bride so as to pay homage to a new mother!

The origin of the name

For the avoidance of doubt-and ignorance-the tennis bracelet isn’t playing with racket and balls, but has become an evergreen of the jewelry as precious of a woman look very chic accessory, according to rrrjewelry.

For those who do not know-and probably not about a woman-the tennis bracelet for tradition consists of a continuous line of diamonds set in a white gold setting.Practically has no beginning and no end, why is associated with the concept of eternal love and was originally called Eternity.

Technically this gem is a diamond bracelet rivière, as in the case of diamond ring ring, but 30 years from now everyone knows him as tennis bracelet. How come?

All about Chris Evert-Lloyd one of the most famous tennis players in the world in the years ‘ 70 and ‘ 80 and number one on the charts for over 7 years.

The American player during his match wearing this gem and during a game of the 1987 US Open Evert lost her precious jewel on the pitch and had to temporarily suspend the match for later retrieval. All this was Live TV, becoming a giant advertisement for this type of bracelet, which has since been renamed permanently as a tennis bracelet.

It must, then, Evert fashion wear jewelry during sports matches, as did other major tennis players such as Gabriela Sabatini and Serena Williams.

On coupled sports jewelry I have great misgivings, as I mentioned in my jewelry etiquette .

The characteristics of the tennis bracelet

The first characteristic of a diamond tennis bracelet good quality is that the frame of the jewel is jointed, which presupposes that the Goldsmith jewellery manufacture is of a good standard. How to notice? The cuff must be able to be rolled up and wrapped in the fist!

The second characteristic is the perfect diamond setting necessary to prevent that the stones will slide out and lose without us noticing. You can verify this by just sliding your fingers the griffe (= gold spikes) around the stones: if a setting is approximate to the touch the imperfect is heard as much as to cause almost imperceptible little scratches.

The third characteristic that must have a quality tennis bracelet is a secure closure, preferably with an eight, although this particular side is present tends to be on medium-high total carat weight bracelets (from 3 carats and up). It is preferable to also verify that the closure has a simple click, so you can wear the jewelry without great difficulty!

The fourth characteristic of a good tennis bracelet is the presence of a guarantee certificate: since you are buying diamonds is always better to know what their characteristics, and not just talk!

As always when buying jewelry with diamonds say we pay close attention to the quality of diamonds: If the tennis bracelet is small and the brightest are not good quality the final effect will be little brighter than just a gold bracelet. Similarly it is not enough that the carat weight of the diamonds is high to make them brilliant: If you are not of a good quality one risks the effect-glass!

The frames that you can find on the market are varied, for all tastes and budgets, although the Council to opt for a simple choice that emphasize especially the stones!

Being a very light bracelet to wear, better take care to choose the right size for the wrist that is headed: if it were too large you could lose him without even realizing it, as if too tight could signal excessively the wrist with some sort of throttle effect than chichas very little!

How to choose a diamond tennis bracelet

One of the peculiarities that I love so much of the tennis bracelet is its simple and valuable at the same time, elegant yet versatile because it can be worn on different occasions and in all seasons!

Among the bracelets to wear, certainly remains delicate wrist even when you choose a Diamond carat weight rather high, undoubtedly more suitable if you want to wear especially on important occasions.

It’s a bracelet very suitable also for those who don’t like flashy jewelry because it is very chic even when size is small, so that you can wear on a daily basis without problems.

Obviously if the wrist is small a small tennis will be perfectly proportioned, while on awrist stouter is better suited a template a bit bigger if you do not want to disappear from sight or making even more pronounced the size of your wrist!

For those who love wearing more bracelets together, the delicacy of style makes it a suitable to be combined. I have to admit, though, that when you’re lucky enough to own a nice tennis would give due importance by leaving the protagonist of your wrist and avoiding that blend and hide among others.

How to choose jewelry Gold Diamond tennis bracelet to give jennifer lopez

As regards the choice of frame, that classic white gold is a bit like the ring with Diamond Solitaire, Platinum as always remains somewhat more expensive while the yellow gold I wouldn’t call it very suitable to this type of bracelet.

Rather, If you dare you would think for a version with pink gold, but as long as it is a very delicate frame!

Also for tennis bracelets you can find all prices and of course Designer ones are always more expensive, although the characteristics of diamonds and mountings may not differ from those of unbrandedjewels. The reason is clear, but if that exact advertising breaks or you want to be able to say you have the cuff of a specific brand, you must agree to pay over money. If he’s all right so. ..

Diamond tennis bracelet and not only

The classic version of the tennis bracelet is with white diamonds, pretty much a gemthat is not only timeless but really I don’t think weary over time no woman.

Diamond cutting may be different, but we say that the most suitable is the brilliant cut for this gem.

By the time they appeared different colored versions of the tennis bracelet where the diamonds are combined with other precious stones such as rubies, emeralds or sapphires. Usually these gemstones have a brilliant cut and you can find different budgets in jewelry stores.

The splash of color on the diamond I find it to be very nice, but If you want a colorful tennis bracelet a little different than usual I would choose to intersperse the white diamonds with Sapphire cabochon 4 rounds of equal magnitude to that of diamonds: a real snazzy ! If you prefer the Green emeralds you can think of the same solution, while it’s a bit less elegant pairing with rubies.

As for the bracelets with diamonds or colored stones, despite being an idea theoretically could be much better, in fact it is a little less versatile for any occasion. Take, for example, the Pink diamonds: beyond the fact that it will also understand how the stones have taken that color, in any case the jewel takes on an allure somewhat more frivolous.

The stones cd. Fancy may be of various colours -yellow, Orange, green, champagne, grey, purple and violet-and usually are preferred by a female audience more young or youthful feeling the classic version with white diamonds too challenging. Aside from disagree with this dangerous misunderstanding, I consider the colored version a plusfor those who already have that traditional !

A separate discussion is to do for the black diamond tennis bracelets that some men love to wear the watch together or in conjunction with other bangles.

Here, in front of the men’s tennis I raise my hands, I refer to when I wrote about masculine chic details and promise to return to talk of men bracelets with some pointers to important style. In the meantime, though, I ask for a gift: changing lenses, I couldn’t survive this purchase. Please.