How to Choose LED Light Color

Led based lighting somewhat disrupts our habits…

Everyone knows the color of an incandescent light bulb lighting because it is induced by the burning of the filament in the bulb but what for a led light bulb since he is there to no filament?

There – there a difference between a monochrome led lighting or white led lighting ? How are they obtained and why did – it several shades of white?

A LED lighting monochrome color is expressed abbreviated nm in wavelength, or form (Example blue 470nm).

… and any other color is achieved by associating with a minimum of 2 primary colours. To get the white just to associate red + green + blue but contrary to what some might think you can’t create black by combining these primary colors.

In the case of LED lighting that is classified by Ledlightsclassified because you get accurate color with a specific wavelength. The color is so ultra precise and don’t assume any possible tolerance.

Below, all of the visible light spectrum by the human eye and the wavelengths involved.

Left then are the rays UV, then X rays and Gamma Rays then. Conversely, at right is then the infrared rays and radio waves.
White led lighting is expressed in degrees Kelvin, or form short ° K.
(Example white 5000 ° K ).

As you can see in the following image, the white appellation share almost orange very warm white (1,000 ° K) and extends to a very cold white almost blue (20.000 ° K). Unlike a monochrome color, white is in no case a precise color and therefore creates a tolerance of more or less important.

White color temperature is achieved precisely through a curve at the intersection of 2 coordinates chromaticity
X and Y on a diagram of chromaticity as shown in the following image.
The curve Y represents the colors of the Ultra Violet to green.
The curve X represents the colors of the Ultra Violet to red.

It is commonly accepted that the purest white is located at the intersection of the X coordinate = 0.33 and Y = 0.33 or a temperature of white 5700 ° K about.

As you can see, get a precise white led lighting is far from an exact science, it’s a bit like trying to get 2 times the same beige shade taking white and additional dye.

Conclusion if there is a, warm white is reserved for warm lighting, neutral white (daylight) is preferred in the living rooms because it offers an excellent rendering of colors and he tired a lot less eyes, and cool white is not preferred as in technical areas (garage, storeroom, cellar, etc.) or outside.

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