How to Choose Motorcycle Jacket

We entered the period of extreme cold, rain and snow have become your friends … For that, nothing beats a good equipment bicycle against the cold! How to choose a bike jacket depending on the conditions and level of training? Follow the guide!

Motorcycle Jacket

The bike jacket windproof

The jacket windproof, as its name suggests, will protect you from the wind! Very thin, it provides little protection. It is also water repellent, ie it will also protect you from a small rain in a short time. It can be a good addition to a jacket membranous at large cold conditions for example.

The waterproof bike jacket

For outputs in the rain, choose a 100% waterproof jacket. These jackets will resist rain throughout your output and protect you from the wind. However, they are thin and do not provide heat.

If you practice regularly, choose a model breathable enough to not be wet inside and out! These waterproof jackets, by their terms, often lack a little breathability…

The jacket hot bike

The warm jacket is much thicker than previous. She’s membrane layer that will protect you against the cold. The membrane is water repellent. The membranes are impermeable rarely: in fact, it would make the non-breathable …

The various warm jackets are distinguished by their level of heat as well as by their ability to remove perspiration.

On BTWIN range, jackets 7 are sold with a removable neck strap, very comfortable to wear, it protects the neck from the cold.

On jackets 9, the neck is replaced by a plastron hood with integrated, tested and validated by the pro cycling team. It allows to be perfectly insulated from the cold. Runners even wear the jacket without the hood when it is not cold enough to wear it.

Different jacket designs also differ in the presence or absence of pocket, their location and number.

The jacket is more technical, it will be more breathable. Indeed, the materials used will be more powerful and more numerous venting areas.

Our vests are all equipped with reflective strips that allow better view!

To buy a bike jacket, check the affordable ones.

Winter Board

Never forget that all these jackets bike never wear is on the body. Underwear is ideal to wear in first layer, more or less hot, short or long handle heat as needed.

On the bike, it is better from a little too covered rather than not enough, you can always open the jacket or remove a layer being output, the opposite is more complicated.

A small sleeveless windbreaker worn to complement a warm jacket allows easy adjustment of the temperature. This will bring the heat output start and once heated, the wind cut easily go inside the pocket.