How to Choose Old Fashioned Clothing

The bell mouth pants, now a more modern version called pants flaire are super stripped and match various looks. Look good with more social visual, with the most romantic, with the blouse untucked, with her ​​inside, finally a myriad of combinations.

You know riponga style? He came back with everything. I always thought it was beautiful! But now the trend is here to stay. Full skirts and dresses are super comfortable, so take advantage because even though large, as they are made ​​of lighter fabrics super match spring and summer.

Not only are the models that came with everything, polka dots prints the also refer to the time and leave the super romantic look. Pants, printed balls should be used with caution. If you are overweight or have very hip, avoid them.

The shiny fabrics also has everything to do with old – fashioned. All with lots of color.

The trousers at Ruizesolar are high waist, and it already was fashionable, but now has become stronger because of the novel. And bodies that are super practical can also be used without problems today.

In the case of clothes, so it is not like you are going to a costume party, try to combine old fashioned parts with current pieces, for example, if you use body, do not use with high-waisted pants.

Overalls are also mega chic and highly value the curves, so if you already have a corpão, careful not to be ordinary. Now if you are skinny, it will give you an upgrade.

The legging of Cirre, that fabric that seems leather, super combined with a wider top and this look is not only copying the old – fashioned, it was already being used, but is more high now.

But this old – fashioned not for clothes. Hair and makes also come in play.

To stay with  hair, you will have to give up that lesson of sloshing and progressive brushes. Everything was well overdone then you can already imagine how were the right hairstyles. full bangs, voluminous hair, like Black Power, which, coincidentally or not, is also the 70.

Armed and spiked hair was the fashion of the time, it is now widely used, but be careful if you have to work in very severe environments, do not overdo it!

Head accessories have also come to the fore with this old – fashioned. Tiaras and strips are timeless and can be used with various looks.

In makeup, has two diametrically opposed options: a makeup that does not seem to make up or nude, that comes as a trend before the novel; and the exaggerated makeup, which is the one with sparkles and metallic tones.