How to Choose Pants Color

First in our choice of pants, threergroup has the answer to standing question “For what reason we need them or when we wear them?”. In addition to the wedding, most of us formal trousers hardly going to need them … Therefore, I will draw attention to more “casual” pants or as some are harmful …

What colors to choose?

Depending on the situation, every man deserves to have at least one pair …

Black pants – black is a color that would suit all … It is a classic and combined with whatever it is always in place with a shirt, sweater, shirt, everything! Another advantage is that the black silhouette of the body narrows.

Our suggestion: Black trousers with a light shirt and black Shoes- tight and formal look every day!

Grey pants – Personally, I like to wear gray trousers … Combine them with black or brown shoes with a belt in the color.

Our suggestion: Grey trousers with brown shoes brown belt and a gray sweater with a B-collar!

Colored pants – Yes blue, sometimes in burgundy or brown look good. Just can not figure out what their logic of green or colorful. Man with such seems like a bubble of those who resemble salami and will make me a puppy!

How to choose the right size?

As in other posts I have said: “The exact amount is important!”. Do not get lost in the pants with large size. I feel like I can fly with those in stronger wind. And do not wear too tight. I will not become weak if you wear pants 12 annual your brother. This is not it is a blas. Nobody wants to watch highlights talk to down there as you nadareni- maximum you laugh.

And so…

Select your pants so you.  Good fit pants creates the feeling of a hug, choose them so that the waist is not too low (hide them Theia slits), not to hang on your butt and legs have a precise length.

The easiest way you can decide whether you get some jeans ass like crouch several times with them. If you break … larger … If seen tsepka- it is not! If propping him their whole bitka- it is not!

Here is the time to mention that the same size in different brands can you stand differently … So here the rule “Proba- Error!” … Do not buy jeans just because they are your number … Try it!

As a silhouette pants choose to follow the silhouette of your leg!

In length should be just below the top of the shoes can even slightly misled (both legs descend straight down and gives you a concise form). Do not wear pants that you reach kokalchetata (unless on purpose).

How to wear them?
For “casual” think like pants for jeans. Jeans look good with almost anything. Then why not wear pants with everything with shirt and leather shoes would look somewhat official. With sweater, T-shirt with sneakers, everything looks well …

Recently, me personally I really liked to wear his trousers rolled up above the ankle and loafers, it seems to me interesting, different and very imaginative …

In the end!

The pants are a mandatory part of your wardrobe. Choose them so that they feel that sense of embrace and so are your size …

And most importantly Whatever you’re wearing more important is how you feel. Because there is nothing more modern than you strong and confident man!

We expect special comments from you!