How to Choose Tablet PC

Are you ready to purchase of a Tablet, or to offer you one? To help you, here are the criteria to consider before your purchase.

How to Choose Tablet PC

• Ergonomics, screen, weight and used to use

  1. Ergonomics
    Before choosing a Tablet, it will have to try several.A store visit is required.It is indeed advisable to take care of these tactile objects. Their texture, their weight, their design is not the same all and despite their similar aspects, you will be more or less sensitive to their appeal.
  2. The Screen 
    Admire his photos or watch a movie in high definition is always a pleasure, but is not necessarily your priority. Do not forget that this requirement of quality increases the price. The most important in a screen, it’s especially his accuracy, his responsiveness, his angle of vision, contrast and luminosity. Feel free to test it up by changing the settings in the settings. You will quickly see if the screen held the road in full sun.
  3. The Weight
    Most tablets have a featherweight, except those so-called “hybrids”. The keyboard double or triple the original weight but you are not required to take it anywhere. Beware, if you want your tablet to follow you wherever you are, go for an 8 inch.

    4. The Operating System
    Android, iOS7 or 8.1 Windows: these three systems provide access to a number of applications (games, information, services…) more or less important. Choose operating system is essential.It conditions the ergonomics of your tablet on a daily basis. Take the time to test the systems before choosing.5. Your Habits 
    What phone or computer you already? If you have an iPhone, you’ll probably like to stay in the Apple environment and enjoy your applications on both devices. The universe of Android, he is found today on many materials.

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  1. Battery and charger
    If you want a tablet only to read your emails, do research on the Internet and check the weather, an entry model 7 or 8 inches iPad will be perfect with rechargeable battery. If you intend to use as a computer or a television, that changes everything. In this case, you should choose a so-called hybrid tablet. Define your needs well before investing.
  2. Photo and video
    Beware image sensors. It still exists to 2 million pixels but for sufficient resolution, it takes at least 5 megapixels. Tablets are often equipped with two sensors, one on the front for videoconferencing and a rear photographing or filming.
  3. Connectivity
    Shelves are always offered with connectivity wi-fi (wireless). Some are equipped with 3G or 4G , subject to a subscription. But between your home, public places or even transport, offering wi-fi, it is not really necessary to invest in a 3G or 4G model, although more expensive, to enjoy its Internet tablet.
  4. Ports
    USB or memory card HDMI (high definition multimedia interface), what do you need?All no doubt, but all the tablets does not apply side connection. At Apple, no USB port or memory card reader, you will need additional adapters. Most other manufacturers have equipped their shelves of the most common ports, with the exception of HDMI less widespread.
  5. Storage 
    Between photos, videos and applications, the shelves are filled very quickly. Many brands have equipped their micro SD reader devices to expand their storage capacity. Make sure any tablet size card can read. At Apple, we must comply with formats proposed, 16, 32, 64 or 128 GB. Other manufacturers offer 4 extensions to 16 GB.
  6. Autonomy 
    Unlike smartphones that will discharge very quickly, tablets have more powerful batteries.However, capacities vary. Do not take a model with less than 7 hours. Namely: hybrid tablets hidden in their keyboard handy backup batteries.12. The price 
    Certainly, cost is an important criterion. But acquiring a cheap and shoddy tablet, which does not meet all your needs and will eventually get tired, is not the best solution. Prices vary especially depending on the size of the screen. Avoid large too cheap models. The price range of € 90 to € 1,599, is large enough to make it worth your happiness!