How to Choose the Best Jacket for Winter

Keys to ascertain at this time of the year with an emblematic product: waterproof/breathable coating that will accompany us in the adventure.

The jackets can be part of our team at any time of the year, but are essential in winter.They are called impermeables-respirables because they form a shield against rain or snow and wind, without condensation of perspiration from the body inside. finds there is a wide variety of options concerning jacket: some very specific like skiing or snowboarding, the intended for cyclists, and the multipurpose model that adapt to a wide variety of activities, from fishing to hiking, horseback riding, or any adventure in the snow or the mountain.

Basic criteria of choice

First of all, is not the same a jacket labelled as waterproof, which is completely waterproof, one calls water resistant, which is resistant to water. This second option will perform well with a drizzle or light rain, or a gentle snowfall with little wind, but not in a storm. The waterproof jackets can protect us from the worst climatic conditions, but not all have the same index of elements, i.e.: the speed of transfer of moisture from perspiration to the outside.

This index will depend on the characteristics of construction of technical fabrics with which are made. For example, within recognized membranes Gore-Tex, Aquaclever, SkinShell, Omni-Tech and HyVent etc, there are different designs for different activities.

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