How to Choose the Right Cufflinks?

More than a detail, these little accessories say a lot about you. Some simple rules to survive in this highly codified dress jungle.

“We must consider the cufflink as an accessory, a jewel, do we explain to the luxury brand ST Dupont. There is only one key word, elegance. Our simplest models best selling and classic suit helps develop them.”

For the Color Code, Avoid Redneck Attitude

According to Luis Homem, artistic director at Stanbridge, where Bernard de la Villardière and Laurent Delahousse love to dress, “he must at all costs avoid giving his cufflinks with his shirts and socks. Otherwise it turns into first class, gender Sunday best”. Let it therefore redneck side. If one opts for something colorful, it remains only a glance, without overload.

The Agreement with the Tie, or Not?

Buttons can be attached to your shirt to play tonal or color of your tie to ensure symmetry. On a striped shirt, it can give its buttons with vertical strokes, blue for example. Luis Homem made “the choice of a white shirt, a plain tie giving the pocket cuff. Just a small point, something a bit mode, with Italian, while remaining subtle. We can let go on the tie if the cuff is simple. If there are too many colors of recalls, it becomes extremely phoned.” says

With a Watch, a Subtle Mix

Try to match your cufflinks with it. No silver or gold buttons with a metal band. Shows a belted leather is needed most. Wear your huge diving chronograph weekend.

Be Wary of Bling Bling Effect

“If one is tempted to choose a diamond pave, adding a large gold watch and a flashy tie does not make sense. We can have fun but there are limits,” says one at ST Dupont.  We can play provocation, but without going too far. A trendy range can quickly turn you into fashion victim.

Weddings and Ceremonies, Elegance Is Required

A precious stone, a pearl or a tiger eye, are the most beautiful effect on a white shirt. But nothing too huge. However, it can do a lot and play the match with a flower in his buttonhole, his wallet and his socks.

Unforgivable Mistakes of Tastes

Avoid absolutely “jewelry” shaped bottle openers, those stamped Ctrl as on computer keyboards, hot dog, bubble levels, Batman yellow background … This list is not exhaustive.

A Career Plan on the Wrists?

The cufflink it allows to put his skills before? “No, it’s superficial, the executive officer does not need to express her personality. We retain home that its elegance and sobriety,” do you recall at ST Dupont. These jewels therefore would tell nothing personal ambitions. And it is obvious that we can not build a career in beauty alone … the wrist.