How to Choose Your Wedding Dress

The wedding is, perhaps, the most important event of your life and the wedding dress is one of your main characters on that special day. Choose the wedding dress that is perfect to you becomes an Odyssey for many girls, on this occasion I leave 6 tips that should take into account in choosing their wedding dress.

1 well sets the time and date of your wedding.

The date of the year and the time you have chosen for your wedding, believe it or not, will have much to see when you choose your wedding dress as described in We do not want to use a short evening sleeves dress in winter. Keep in mind also define if your wedding is formal, semi-formal, or casual, for this case you won’t be in a gigantic Cathedral with a low cut wedding dress and short absence.

* Please note that a perfect wedding dress is not the overnight some take 1 year to be ready, anticipate your time for this.

  1. set a price limit for your dress.

Thus it is an price limit. Our dress is important, but it is not making our wedding to happen, there is much investment in this event and we must have a budget for every thing, remember that if you are looking for to find the dress of your dreams at the right price.

3 choose the wedding dress that best is you and that does not look more beautiful.

I’m sure that you’ve already read our article How to dress well in agreement to our body type, if you have not done so well you start!, really not all dresses that look beautiful in mannequins or models will be like you, this is because each girl and woman have different body types and each one has pros and against. The only way to choose the perfect wedding dress is to know our pros and reduce cons of our body type, however you never choose anything that is not comfortable to you.

  1. try all the dresses that you can
    Always, always, and always test any dress that you think it goes with you, never hesitate if you stay well or not, just like your ring, dress should be perfect for you.

5 choose well the shoes that you will take the test of wedding dresses
Although not believe it wear high heels or a pair of shoes to flush with the floor can vary greatly the how to wear your bridal gown, ideally would be to use a pair of shoes like that they use at your wedding to achieve the best result.
6 share the experience

Choose a perfect wedding dress is unique in life, there will be time equal again, shares with people close to you, save pictures, videos and create a beautiful keepsake that will always last!

So you go picking a dress, you have some good examples of dresses:

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