How to Decorate a Dog Collar

Purchasing pre-made decorative collar can be quite expensive. Yet many people love their pets and want to look much strength. With all the cute clothes, which is now available for pets, especially dogs, it can be frustrating trying to find the perfect collar match. The good news is that with a little imagination, the right kind of collar and the necessary supplies, it is possible for anyone to decorate the perfect collar.

Things You’ll Need: 

Collar dog flowers
Ribbon and leaves
Faux jewelry
bracelet slides
Paint brushes
Embossing equipment
Towel or cloth
Glue (suitable for how it will be used)
Big “O” rings or clasps for charms
Gem setting machine

Show More Instructions:

Decide what type of decor is desired by the collar. This may include floral decorations and jewels, charms, hand painting or even adding permanent scarf.

determine the type of collar desired. The two most popular types of dog collars are leather (or vinyl) or tissues. While not all decorative techniques will work on both collar everywhere, each of them has several ways it can be decorated. This decision will have some impact on the remaining steps below.

Purchase necessary to complete the project deliveries. Be sure that the collar is an appropriate size for the dog and for the intended design.

Sketch on paper to place the selected trim on the collar of the dog (see

Glue ribbon flowers and leaves on a dog collar with a permanent adhesive, then made a sketch. Cluster flowers around the center of the collar, distributing them along the length of it, or to take more asymmetric design. All these projects work better fit for a dog of any size.

Set artificial gems collar as planned in the sketch. This can be done several different ways. They can be glued to the collar with a permanent adhesive which is suitable for the material of the collar thereof. Ready sequins can be ironed onto fabric or cloth collar follow the instructions on the type of brand to these jewels. Jewels can also be defined in the collar using a device that determines metal clips that hold the jewelry in place.

Attach the bracelet slides on the collar of the dog. Such slides are usually letters, numbers or simple designs like a star, heart or cross. Done at Silvertone and goldtone, they often set with rhinestones or crystals. Some also include enameling or embossed designs.

Attach the charms to collar ring. Many pet stores and stores that sell a home sections special charms that can be attached to the collar. They come in a variety of designs, colors and materials. However, each type of jewelry charm can be used the same way.

Hand painted designs on leather or vinyl collar using paints that are in accordance with his material. The best designs are simple in nature, such as geometric patterns. However, any type of design that will fit in the available space is acceptable.

Sew scarf collar. This is simple to do. It may be made of an existing tissue, or any type of fabric. Cut a triangle appropriate size for the dog in question. Trim the long tapered edges away. Hem around handkerchief or pink at the edges to prevent fraying. Make a slit in the top of the cloth by folding the fabric makes pocket just big enough for the collar to get away. Glue open closed above the collar.