How to Dress to Hide the Beginning of Her Pregnancy?

At the beginning, pregnancy is not noticeable … But when the third month arrives, your belly is rounded up very explicitly and you may want or need to conceal it, before announcing the pregnancy to all world. Here are our clothing tips to hide your baby bump in all discretion:

Invest absolutely in stretch pregnancy jeans. advises you wear super comfort products: it does not tighten your stomach and it is a basic always trendy and adaptable to all outfits. They can be worn with everything, small sweaters and ample tunics included! Today, there are plenty of styles, colors and materials, and has very affordable prices so enjoy it.

We choose wide, colored and aerial blouses, it gives us a little fantasy side in all elegance, which distracts attention. You can also choose large shirts that can be worn at the waist, over the belly or on the belly in loose mode when the can not be too round, with a beautiful belt, for a trompe l’oeil effect If you were pregnant, you would not put anything on your belly is not it?!) Generally do not deprive yourself, continue to choose tops in your usual style, but in the top size to be able to put them more long time.

The black slims so think about wearing clothes in this color, and avoid the stripes and peas that on the contrary you grow.

Straight cut dresses are always a sure bet! Worn with a tights, they combine comfort and look. Think also of the pleated fabrics that allow to flutter the silhouette.

Do not hesitate to draw in the basic collections of the major brands of ready-to-wear: the first few months, your belly will surely still be able to fit into some well chosen clothes!