How to Dress Well?

Regardless of the purpose(marriage, pregnancy, promotion, transformations in body, etc.), the main reason people come to me is learning to dress well.

I’ve always found curious relationship that people have with this expression.For some, this ‘ dress up ‘ means being fashionable. For others, it is branded clothes. The more enlightened ones say it’s know what parts are good in your body. Have you ever stopped to think about what it means to ‘ dress up ‘ for you?

Although the last alternative is almost certain, what I learned in those yearsis that dressing well is a process of self-knowledge. To find and keep true to your essence.

I never got a smirk of a customer by placing her in the same clothes that I suggested to someone else. All the sighs of relief, cartwheels and proclamations of”now I feel well dressed” only came after each saw that image in the mirror was exactly that woman that she wanted and should be.

Take care of appearance is communicating. Is to say to each other(and themselves). Even in consulting, it is not a process of transformation, but of evolution.

Who are you? What is your goal in life? How do you want to feel?

For more good to be out of the House aimlessly and let the chance to surprise us, you can’t just do this every day. It would be great to think that just sit on the couch and wait for life to decide where to take us, but without action there is a reaction. It is therefore impossible to build your visual identity without considering all these factors.

My suggestion is: before you get ready formulas, you take a moment for yourself and try to answer these questions.

This is not an easy process. Most people are so mangled by information that can not stop to think about what you really want and need. And, invariably, people who dress”wrong”(or different than consider dress well) actually is justleaving to dress herself. To take your life and your purpose. To set goals and take control.

They follow what the magazines talk, which the protagonist of the novel the 8 dresses, what seller points be in high, which the friend thinks he’s handsome.But the magazine does not know your life, the protagonist doesn’t have the same body, the salesgirl doesn’t know if”high” will be good or will harm you and the friend doesn’t share the same goals. So the question remains