How to Dye Your Hair While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a very special moment for all women and never as in this condition we have to be careful with the use of certain products, if they contain substances potentially harmful to the unborn child. The latter include even the hair dye. This does not mean that, for the whole period of pregnancy we have to give to cover the regrowth and white hair, but we will have to choose the correct and safest way for our baby.

The ideal hair dying products are those devoid of potentially harmful substances, such as ammonia, which pregnant women are supposed to avoid especially in the first three months of pregnancy. This substance should not inhaled and, therefore, should be avoided altogether the colorations that contain it.

Furthermore, it is indicated to reduce both the time of dyeing pose, both its frequency – not more than once per month. And yet, better not to apply the product in direct contact with the scalp but always leave free a minimum margin between hue and skin.

In any case, you should always perform a sensitivity test on a small portion of the skin, as in pregnancy may experience unexpected allergic reactions even in those who do not has never had them.

Cover gray hair

In pregnancy, to cover gray hair, you can use the colored shampoo without ammonia or without other substances not recommended. Among the latter, it highlights resorcinol and P-phenylenediamine.

Are two chemicals that often cause very severe allergic reactions. In the market, there are many plant-based dyes, shampoos-like henna or wraps with chestnut leaves or cocoa-suitable for cover gray hair giving also pleasant natural reflexes to the entire head of hair.

For those with light hair, however, a good solution are the highlights and streaks: camouflage gray hair and never come into contact with the scalp. In any case, it is always good to inform the hairdresser of your country and request not to touch the scalp from the bleaching product.

In nature, there are several plant extracts that can give clear reflections and thereby hide white hair. For example chamomile intensely infused, to be buffered on the hair and let it dry in the sun.