How to Get a Bikini Body in 15 Days

15 days to lose weight, it is possible? With a balanced diet, sport and the regular application of slimming products, you will see the difference. Cosmo has prepared a diet program that will help lose weight faster.
A smooth and soft skin

  • The scrub tradition

Avoid the loofa and other gloves of horsehair, which store the bacteria attack the epidermis and skinning the moles.

Choose a synthetic glove that you can wash at 70 ° C and gentle scrub by systematically paying a small dose of milk moisturizing on the glove.

  • The right tempo:

2 daily for 15 days.

  • Scrub grains

Much less abrasive but equally effective in the long term, Scrubs care, cream or gel, have the enormous advantage to reconstruct the hydrolipid film of the skin after the scrub.

Exfoliating body Glamour Factory, Monoprix beauty; Scrub Crazy grapefruit, Sephora; Fine grain, body peeling, silk cloud, Jeanne Piaubert.

  • The right tempo:

every 3 or 4 days for 15 days, focusing on rough areas (elbows, knees, heels and buttocks…!)

A toned and firmed skin

  • With the silicon and the kombuchka

These two stars of the cosmetic active restore firmness to the skin boosting collagen and elastin.

To reinforce their action, vigorously massage the area to strengthen with a “cham dien” – exclusively at Oliver Camille, 01 43 59 23 75-, a kind of small roller metal, inspired by Vietnamese acupuncture, that runs locally for 5 to 7 minutes before applying the care.

Great for draining a good shot and facilitate the penetration of products. 3 D, Yves Rocher firmness; Gel Silicon organic skin, Symphonat (05 34 27 00 27); Sublime cream firming body, Concept No. 3, Antiaging, Global Beauty – exclusive to the cheap or on our site.

  • The right tempo:

3 times a day on the arms, the belly or the inside of the thighs.

  • In the shower:

with these invigorating extracts care. By insisting on the points weak, belly, buttocks and thighs with energetic movements, type palpate – roll, temperature of the Atlantic, before rinsing.

Firming and bamboo draining, massage balls ‘Let’s farm’, Grains of beauty, Bourjois. Ivy extract, tonic, Galénic Shower Gel; Essential oils of peppermint and Rosemary, Shower Gel, toner, L’Occitane.

  • The right tempo:

every day for 15 days.
A small good kilo and less (no, not more. Yes, that’s enough)

  • Bet on protein

Because they are difficult to assimilate, they force the body to burn more calories.

Profits? Less fat and no muscle.

Careful though: to follow this diet Flash, be in great shape. and should not extend it beyond these fifteen days

Manual: the first 4 days, you have right to the eggs, yoghurt or cottage cheese 0%, ham, chicken without skin, grilled white meat and fish (except sardines, mackerel, oily fish)… but in large quantities. On the fifth day, you can reintroduce the Greens.

  • The right tempo:

morning, noon and night!

  • Drink smart

With water flavored plants draining, type birch, fennel, dandelion.

Or green tea, which calm the feeling of hunger and facilitates the melting of fat cells.

The treatment should not exceed fifteen days.

In daily flaconnettes, M – quilting 10, Milical.

Ready-made bottled, Minci Fluid, Microfluid. To pour in a large bottle, Aqua line, Vitarmonyl. At the time of the snack, tea green, Kusmi Tea or Lipton.

  • The right tempo:

1 liter every day for 2 weeks.
A sculpted and muscular body

  • Custom care

They are more concentrated in assets than conventional slimming gels.

For the belly, which is one of the first areas to lose its firmness, and where fats and sugars have a tendency to accumulate: Elancyl Special stomach Lipo-reducer; No. Complex fluid, belly and size, Givenchy; Cream Sublime slimming, belly, sculpted area, life Collection.

For the buttocks and thighs, it’s the application that makes the difference. Use the edge of the hand, like a butter knife, pressing strongly, to penetrate the assets. Oil green tea, the Queen of Sheba; or oil Massage skin of Orange, organic Cellumine, Super Diet.

Cream with a roll – it massaging, to facilitate the work: Bodytonic, Garnier; Chrono slimming, Arnaud Institute; Gel Performance slimming, Arkopharma.

In mask : absolute thinness, Oligocaps; Mask body anti-cellulite, Laurence Dumont.

  • The right tempo:

night and morning for 2 weeks for standard care; 3 times a week for masks.

  • On your plate

Start by eating slowly (with chopsticks, for example, to slow down the pace of the meal).

Remove the foods that ferment, as dairy products (except of sheep and goat cheese) and vegetables to effect ball, type broccoli and cabbage.

Choose foods rich in fiber, such as cereals and wholemeal bread.

Well, the fruits cooked (Compote), between meals, around 11: 00 or 16 hours, when we got a little hungry.

And, to find gut flora concrete, follow the advice of Anne Lestel, specialist in nutritherapy: take two spoonfuls morning and evening of this mixture of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant 100% natural, Mucoperm, sold in pharmacies (consultation by telephone or by appointment, 01 45 72 44 24). Check Bombebikini for bikini blog.

  • The right tempo:

every day for 15 days.
Triumphant breasts!

  • Care support

These are the eras of the cosmetic, both invisible and leading.

In less than a week, where you’ll dutifully appliqués by drawing “eight” the base of the breasts at the base of the neck, you will see them regain their poise.

Sail shaping bust tensor, Maria Galland; Lotion Stretch bust, Dr. Pierre Ricaud. Complex firming bust, Shiseido Body Creator; Serum tensor bust Thalassothys, Sothys glow; Concentrate essential firmness, bust, loins, Caudalie; Concentrate firm bust, Valmont.

  • The right tempo:

every day, night and morning, during 15 days.

  • Flash gym

Four legs, arms (but not too) and Chin tucked, go down the bust by folding your arms as if you were doing push-ups.

Bring the shoulders and face as close to the ground, without moving the legs.

Return to your original position.

  • The right tempo:

2 sets of 20 movements per day for the first week, then 20 additional movements the following week.