How to Get Access to the U.S. Netflix

Do you miss in the Danish Netflix content, so you can see how you get access to the American leg on your PC.

There is no doubt that Netflix has got huge success at home, but many complaints still over there is greater variety in the U.S. Netflix. But Netflix has posted a geo-blocking in, so there is no right can be obtained access to their selection.

But now, our website has just revealed how you can get access to the U.S. Netflix share on your PC.

Our website has, however, revealed that this geo-blocking is easy and legal to get around. 

If you follow the things including, as you can in 5 minutes of time to access the American part of Netflix on your PC via service Hola Hola. However, there is also service to Mac and Android, but here maybe used a little extra time to gain access.

How to get American netflix

  1. Visit the our website2. You click on the green box that says “Start using Hola, it’s free”.This you can then choose to download or add.3. Once this is done, so you’ve got an extra icon in your toolbar – this is Hola.4. Then click on icon and activate it – select as the American flag.

    5. When you visit Netflix so you can see the American movies and series that are not available in the Danish Netflix.