How to Keep Jeans from Stretching

Jeans are always in fashion, for both women and men, but how well do you know favorite pants? Learn how to keep your jeans in shape for longer.

  1. You know that the jeans on and adapt to the new jeans will need to begin with a little run-in. True fans of the jean made from raw or unwashed denim jeans and consumed may require up to six months before they are actually adapted to body shapes. During that time, they should not be washed because washing the shape disappears.
  2. Most modern jeans are, however, treated, for example, consumption or washing, so that the washing does not need to shy away from the early days. Wash the jeans still only when they are really dirty or lököttää begun to wear.
  3. But what if the use of the jeans begin to smell? Washing instead of fresh jeans, either by hanging them in the shower area for the duration of your bath & shower or pushing them in a plastic bag in the freezer for a few days. Jet fumes and the cold cold fresh between washes the jeans.
  1. To prevent jeans from fading wash them inside out fine in the wash.Avoid washing with hot water and detergent for wool favored. If you want the jeans to fade, wash them once with hot water.
  2. Do you want to keep the washing of dark jeans unchanged? Add half a cup of diluted vinegar in the rinse water.
  3. Do not tumble dry a pair of jeans. If you can not avoid artificial drying, use the lowest possible temperature and remove the jeans from the drum before they are completely dry. Dry the jeans on a flat surface, either lids or hanging them by the cuff.
  4. Viikkaa jeans like a pro! Spread the jeans on a flat surface and fold the left half in the middle on the right. Fold the legs in mid-so that the legs and waist are aligned on top of each. Fold one more time, and jeans are neatly stacked ready.
  5. Jeans to get to breathe, so do not cram them too tight stack cabinet.The same also applies, for example, denim jackets: Do not dangle them in a crowded closet.
  6. Before you shorten the jeans, wash them twice. Namely, jeans always shrink slightly when washed.
  7. Are the jeans too tight?Jeans being wet to the waist to stretch the hand. Efficacy against pinching, use a damp cloth with hot iron or hair dryer.