How to Know the Size of Your Bra

Your body and your breasts are changing and you remember to take your measurements to determine the size of your bra. To find the bra cups that fit you properly and support your breast, you must know the exact size of your chest.


The measurements of the bra

Losses and taken weight or pregnancy are changing your chest. You must take your measurements to determine the size of your bra every time you want to offer this piece of lingerie, a few times a year. In choosing the bra model that suits you, you need to determine what types of caps match your chest. Nothing’s easier. You measure your turn to your back and chest with a measuring tape. In the first, place your meter well flat just below your breasts to get the circumference. In a correspondence table, a back tower that measures such as between 63 and 67 cm is the size 80, and so on up to 98-102 cm for size 115. The circumference of your chest s’ obtained by placing the meter on your chest at the nipples and passing under the armpits and on the shoulder blades.

Calculate to get the size of your bra

Your choice of underwear depends on a quick calculation. As the difference between your bust (96 cm for example) and your back round (79 cm), you get the depth of your cup (17 cm), the size C. Your determine the size of your SUPPORT-gorge on a table of correspondences of cup sizes: either 13 cm to a, B to 15 cm and so on up to 33 cm K. Once you know the model of bra perfect for the shape of your chest , you can then direct you to the one that best suits your figure. During your fitting session, remember to check the tape that is responsible for the proper maintenance of your chest and place one finger between the strap and the shoulder to check the fit. The straps should not be too thin to avoid leaving marks and must not slip.

Check the size of your bra

You are athletic and have found a sports bra for fitness or exercise, but when you try it, it bothers you. Despite the measurements you have taken, the size of your bra is not satisfactory or does not correspond to your body. You want a comfortable model and you want to forget when you practice a sports. You notice that the band you cut the skin, leaves marks when you remove your underwear and causes some small beads. A larger suit you better. Choosing a model for your anatomy and your figure ensures you are well into your skin and in your head. The bra that you selected on steps makes your movements more natural bust and properly keeps your chest.