How to Make a Doghouse?

The doghouse is where your best friend will get to rest, so he has to feel comfortable, so how you feel in your home, so brush up on your friend’s house. Let’s have some tips for you to choose your best friend’s house:

First you have to view the ideal size of the house for his dog, he has to be comfortable standing, lying down and still be able to take a walk itself inside the house, if your dog is still a puppy, take a house considering the size he will have as an adult, it may be that you miss, because there are some dogs that we think will not grow much and ends up growing enough, then the solution is to buy another house.

A very important thing, according to, is that the logic of “bigger is better” doesn’t fit to the houses, because if the house is too large with respect to the animal, the warmth of the house very easy, and so will not bring comfort in cold days for the dog.

Now the type of material of the house you will find 2 types on the market, which is the little plastic and wooden house.

The plastic bins are easy to clean, are lighter than wood, so easy to move. But there’s a great counter point: plastic has less resistance to temperature change, warming up and cooling down too quickly, according to the environment, with that your puppy can suffer a lot with the temperatures.

The wooden little houses require more care than those of plastic, because they are more difficult to clean. The type of wood are preferable for hardwoods like jatobá, ipê and peroba. These type of wood last longer and do not usually present major problems, with the presence of termites and mold.

So we have concluded that the houses are made of wood are much better than the plastic that the wood can absorb the heat and also protects against wind and rain. So in the cold, the heat of the animals is maintained for longer.