How to Make a Wooden Cuckoo Clock


Clocks marking the time, counting the hours and help us to organize every minute of our hectic everyday life. There are wrist watches, wall clocks, pocket watches and beautiful neck. But even more impressive are the pendulum clocks. In particular, the original and likeable clock cuckoo clock. Cuckoo clocks possess a magic and merriment all over them. The cuckoo clock in wood is the traditional cuckoo clock. He was born in Germany around 1700. Today the cuckoo clock spreads widely also in Switzerland. So much so that many feel, erring, which originates in such a place. The mechanism of a cuckoo clock and more or less the same that moves and swing a pendulum clock. In this guide you can read how to create something. That’s right! You can build your own a cute clock cuckoo clock. Build a wooden cuckoo clock is certainly not easy. But it is absolutely possible to do so. Just follow some important information. Have on hand the necessary material. And of course understand the basic mechanism. Once grasped the mechanism of a cuckoo clock, you can build your own. It won’t be so difficult. Test your skills! Please read the Guide and follow his footsteps. Here’s how to build a wooden cuckoo clock…

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Plywood-tacks-hammer-glue-jigsaw-sandpaper-acrylic paint-base coat-finishing-decoration-mechanism

First of all you will need to arm yourself with a suitable mechanism. The mechanical heart of a cuckoo clock . It won’t be too hard to find one. In the huge world of the internet there are several sites that you can consult. You only have to find the most appropriate mechanism to your cuckoo clock. Prices vary depending on model and complexity. You don’t have to spend a fortune for the mechanism of your watch. Simply buy a good quality. So you won’t see nullified your work. Choose a mechanism among the simplest. Choose the one for a cuckoo clock weights, maybe two. It will be better to build your own cuckoo clock starting with the basics. Then make a drawing of your cuckoo clock ideal. You build the cuckoo clock using a few parts in wood. Alternatively, if you’re not very good at DIY, recycle a small birdhouse. You can buy a decorative in a home improvement and home decor. Or recycle an old from your garden or balcony. Otherwise even an old wooden mailbox will be fine! Sharpens the wits or learn how to cut and paste. You can also use small pieces of wood or plywood. Buy them in a store of DIY and home improvement. Then cut out the pieces with a powerful cutter. Paste with a good wood glue. Read the next step to know in detail how to build the body of your wooden cuckoo clock.

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How to Make a Wooden Cuckoo Clock 2

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You’ll need a jigsaw. And of course of the plywood. Then you’ll need to acrylic paints, sealers, Finish, a brush and sandpaper. The sandpaper will serve finally for levelling and polishing. Finally get the glue, a hammer and nails with a small head. Draws the outline planning to build a log cabin. Will have a front and a back equal (approximately 18/20 x 25 cm). Hip slimmer (25 x 8). And a hat or upper triangular-shaped roof. Finally, gets two roof seam sides. Must have a thickness of 8 cm and the length of the side of the triangle. Basically a circular hole with the jigsaw. From it will escape the cute bird. Then a larger hole in the Middle, for the clock. Take the right measures using the mechanism.

Assemble the parts. Take white glue. Paste before the forehead with one hand. Then the back with the other side. Merge the 4 pieces. Follow these step by step for the roof. Put a few fresh mushrooms and let dry. Sand down the structure. Passes the base coat, let dry. Sandpaper again and passes a preferred color acrylic paint . Sandpaper dry again. Polish your clock (finishing). Place in the center of the House. Secure the hole previously obtained with the hot glue. Assemble the whole thing. You can then decide to apply decorations! For example a small balcony that you can build with popsicle. Of small fir trees. Small dried pine cones. And so on! So personalize your work. Here’s your new wooden cuckoo clock!