How to Make Beautiful Looks?

Dressing well is to have always new clothes in the wardrobe for all types of event, correct? Actually not. There are always a number of fashion consulting tips how to mount looks beautiful large consultants as the dearest Gloria Kalil or blogger Camilla Coelho, but first of all consider your options. It’s no use to follow all the fashion tips and go out and buy. Track your budget and above all your preferences.

The fashionistas are in agreement on one important point: looks beautiful are always beautiful if they are in accordance with their age. The young can dare more, but it’s not good form to a 40-year-old woman with pure transparency. Until we see some daring on the red carpet, but accompanied by a lot of criticism when the lowest bid arises, even if it’s just a brand of underwear. Bold leave for young girls and good behavior, less extravagant colors median necklines and above all: nothing too short. Sexy, Yes, but not both.

And how would be the formation of looks according to the age group? About the prints all can use everything, is just how the clothes will be tight or short anyway. The straight or strapless necklines is to all tracks too, but you ladies can start up a little justinhos tits and cleavage, heart or rectum but with sleeves. Discreet and elegant above all always.

Looks Beautiful for the Day

The coolest day looks are always in cheerful colors, celebrating even the coming of the sun is not a rule, but use black and gray at night is much more elegant that day, so let the dark shades into the light of the moon. Stick with light colors, prints and lots of vibration for the day, whether leisure or work.

The length in the middle of the thigh or a little above that is always welcome for events, starting up a 3:00 pm. Prints? Always! Can be two or more colors, flowers, only roses, polka dots in the 50’s style, and the like. The more the merrier! Of day goes well also cheerful colors and delicate as pink, be it in its variations or pink, lilac and yellow. Green is a color not much loved by the Brazilian fashion, but combining with the right tone of skin and look with accessories looks great!

The day shoes do not follow the rule of high heels just for night events. Is the wealth of details and absence of brilliance that determines what kind of footwear going well. Slippers are great for looks pretty informal, while the high heels are always nice to sleek like a desktop.

Looks Beautiful for the Evening

Some women are fanatics to go out at night because they can use brightness. And they love! The brightness is very indicated in elegant parties and if it’s luxury event, can go from stones from top to bottom and will be fine. The more daring the better!

Nocturnal events eliminate the side bag as an accessory to handle unless it’s happy hour. The smaller the bag better. A simple rule is: the more fancy event, the less your reticule. Always follow and never miss it. As for footwear, comfort, but a thin heels or the beautiful sandals with always dresses and clothes are pure luxury. Don’t forget the accessories in earrings and necklaces for a perfect visual.