How to make Head Jewelry at Home

There’s no right or wrong and consequently no real how-to instructions. But you should consider some tips before you go tinkering:

-Think about you before you “fixed” is just like the whole anything on your head will look. The whole stop you and spins and applies it, rather should the springs facing forward? Or backwards? Is the veil too big or too small?

-Let your imagination run free in the choice of materials, think about what the occasion you want to wear the headdress or what colors to your wardrobe fit

-Small hand work, fear can actually go here hardly something goes wrong.

I decided to sew a small veil of black Tulle on the base, then I stuck the peacock feathers with the hot glue gun and at the end of the loop, on which the bird was previously pinned sewn on.

At my second headdress, I have flowers that actually were a little Posy, first freed from their long stems and then maps until I liked the end result without the glue on the Fascinator. Then I’ve stuck them then. Warning the heat of the glue can the plastic of flowers to the melt bring, if the stems so melt together you see the glue, no panic, first let everything dry, in my case everything has bonded well together himself.

The hair clips must be fitted at the end, here too it is good fit before you start sewing. You should try out what angle you want to insert the headdress in your hair, and accordingly adjust the clamp.

And that’s it then even, if you use glue, simplyyellowpages reminds you make sure it is totally dry before clip the flower to your hair.

I wish you much fun with the Tinker and tüfftlen. Alone that buy daf r have fun made me. And I hope I find quite many occasions to wear them.

Who bakes rather than tinkering, should look on Wednesday to the recipe for a traditional Dundee cake in heart lining.