How to Sew a Child’s Pillow

Children up to two or three years do not require air bag, but at that age, sometimes even before, parents are wondering what a pillow is best to choose for your child. If you decide to do it yourself, use these tips.

You Will Need:

– 0.5 m of teak;
– Pooh, padding polyester or holofayber;
– Subject to tons of tissue.

1. Standard Size 45×45 cm children’s pillow. Carved teak or other thick cotton cloth rectangle whose width is equal to 48 cm (45 cm – width of the pads and 3 cm seam), and its length – 93 cm (90 cm – length cushion multiplied by two, plus 3 cm seam allowance at the seams).
2. Fold the rectangle in half facing each other. Stitches on both sides of the sewing machine, retreating 1.5 cm from the edge of the part. All seams do the opposite tack stitches or simply tie the ends of the fiber bundle.
3. Removing the element at the front through hole nezashitoe on. Tamp the resulting pouch chicken or goose down. However, down often causes allergic reactions in the child, so not worth the risk, if your baby is prone to allergies. In this case, you can fill a pillow or synthetic filling holofayberom. These materials are hypoallergenic, keep their shape and ensure free movement of air. Another advantage of synthetic fillers that for them just to look at, which is a huge advantage. They can even be washed in the washing machine.
4. The remaining hole sew seam by hand. Keep the stitches close together. Or custom pillowcase printing sewing machine, paving the line from the front of the product.
5. Sew pillowcase on the pillow of bright cotton fabrics such as calico or sheeting. Sewing pillowcases technology similar to the technology of sewing pillows. The establishment of a rectangle whose dimensions are the same as the size of pillows. Stitches on both sides of the sewing machine. Stitches pillowcases overlozhte or treatment of zigzag stitching on the wrong side. Turn right side out. In the open hole Sew the zipper.
6. Pillowcases can be decorated with embroidery, delicate lace applique. Very nice look cushions sewn in peychvork style.