How to Sew a Jacket

Jacket – difficult in sewing garment consisting of a large number of parts. Therefore, it is necessary to spend a lot of time to sew and show high skills in sewing.

1. Select model jacket and clear all measurements: bust, waist, sleeve length, shoulder, back and shelves. Calculate the required amount of fabric needed for the jacket, remember nonwoven fabric. When selecting cheap winter coats for plus size, be sure to be guided by the advice of professionals.

2. You can also ask the retailer to advise you on the quality of fabric you liked. Prepare (prodekatiruyte) selected tissue. Do not forget the accessories: buttons or rivets and shoulder pads. Shoulder pads, choose hard, thick to fit the pattern of his jacket and rolled his shoulders.
3. Make a pattern out of paper. Textile cutting puts it on the table face up to it with pin pattern, contours chalk circle. Remember seam allowances 1-2 cm. Mark dent tissue. Similarly, the cutting mat. Baste cut all the details of his jacket, and then baste shoulder pads and try on a jacket. Check cutting all the details. Put the jacket on a figure, if necessary, excess tissue sacrifice conclusions.
4. Avoiding the edge of the sewing machine, fabric and sew darts grind off any cut of the jacket on. All seams and try the jacket again. If the fabric has gone in waves, narrow or widen the canal. Sew shoulder pads and buttons. If the model includes pockets, sew them.
5. Baste all the details of the lining and try on her. Make sure the lining of the village, the figure and then sew it. Baste the lining of the jacket. When fitting cloth fell ill, according to tuck a little narrow lining. Sew lining of his jacket and spend more fitting. Make sure the jacket does not pull over and otutyuzhte product.