How to Sew a Round Tablecloth

The shops are tablecloths the color and taste. Now the problems with the selection and purchase liked tablecloths, no one is. However, if you still want to make a round tablecloth yourself, why not try? The cross-linked with his own hands, and the tablecloth is not ashamed to lay a festive table.


1. When choosing colors for tablecloths try to keep it in harmony with the color scheme of the room and loved the service. Although you can play on the contrast, but this must be done skillfully.

According to wholesaleably, it is easy to sew tablecloths from mixed fabrics (eg cotton, synthetics). In the board, they almost do not need, they are very convenient to use both for lunch and dinner every day and for special occasions, in dining rooms and kitchens. Painted linen and cotton tablecloths are perfect for gala dinners, however, their very difficult to keep in good condition.

2. First, measure the diameter of the table top, then add to get a value of twice the width of the impending and 3 cm (seam). Then make a pattern of thick paper, using a pencil tied to a string (length lace equal to half the required size) a. Push one end of the string of paper, and then pull it tight, then make a quarter circle. Then cut out the template.
3. Now fold the fabric four times, then stitches quadrant model alignment with straight edges of paper folded edge of the fabric. Cut well sharpened scissors.
4. Stepping back from the edge nepodrublennogo 1,5 cm, prostrochite fabric circle. This line marks the edge of the rim. Do not stretch the fabric, iron rim from the inside.
5. Neatly tuck nepodrublenny edge to a double blade. Podkoly his pins, baste. Stitch cloth periphery closer to the inner edge of the fold. Iron edge.
6. Cover roundtable decorative painted length of towel almost to the floor and the bed on top of a small square napkin. Cloth napkins should harmonize with the color of cloth tablecloths.
7. If you have a round tablecloth sewing the pieces do not need to make a seam in the middle, as this will be a very ugly appearance. Cut two pieces of fabric width necessary, one of them placed in the middle, and the second cut in half lengthwise and sew the middle on both sides. Make sure that the model corresponds. Use the usual linen stitch and gently pull the edges.