How to Style Body Chains

Wearing a shimmering chain only around the neck? Nothing here! In the summer we decorate our naked torso from the neck to the waist, with a beautiful body chain. Also known as the Body Chain Accessory looks straight on bare skin particularly appealing, but can also be worn over substance. What styling rules for body chains exactly are you out here. In addition we show you equal the most beautiful models for Nachshoppen!

A little acts it so, as a chain oneself to. But why not, at this trend, we depend namely like fixed! Body chains are sensual, sexy and put our torso skillfully glittering scene. They consist of several members and usually start at the neck, from where across entwine several chains on the neckline, waist and hips to the torso. They edging delicately the body contours and a unique eye-catcher. In order for the It accessory comes to its best advantage, you should styling but note the following.

The 3 key styling rules for body chains

  • Rule 1: On bare skin a body chain looks most beautiful. Why? Because so results in a particularly sensual sight. On the beach a bikini they are therefore the ideal accessory companion, which they should of course take more for a dip. But who once strolled along the body the sea or lake with a body chain, which is guaranteed to draw everyone’s attention. A great addition to even more shimmer on the skin can incidentally Flash Tattoos
  • Rule 2: If a bikini but is not quite as fit as you like, for example, just meet for coffee with your best friend in the city or to a rushing ‘re Night Club on the go, then you might make body chain via a layer of fabric carry. The emphasis is on A location – and this should fit as closely as possible to the body. In a loose shell the Body Chain would completely perish and may even become entangled in the fabric. Carrying so best a slim fitted top that perfectly emphasizes the silhouette of your body, so it acts like a second skin. So the body chain works much better. Also with respect to the colors, there is something to consider: A solid color background is better than a wild pattern.
  • Rule 3: In other trinkets you can do without. Especially with elaborate body chains with lots of limbs extra earrings, bracelets and Co. are quick to indulge oneself and draw only on your upper body adornment. If you want to combine other jewelry to the Body Chain should be correspondingly simple. Then you can still complement with other accessories to look. Caution: In the style of the whole package should naturally fit together. Body chains in ethnic style with beads and stones should be complemented for example by appropriate jewelry pieces. Simple, delicate Body Chains harmonize with delicate parts.

Body chains are an accessory that definitely belongs to our jewelry boxes. The look you should definitely try once and see how well you with the fashionable chaining in leisure cope. Disturbing or simply chic? Decide for yourself!