How to Use a RC Helicopter


The models of helicopters that can fly, definitely are an irresistible attraction for many people. Using a remote control, you can transmit impulses to the motor, which spins the helicopter blades and regulates the direction. Because these objects flying actually, any pilot error, does it plunging to the ground so wasteful, spending for repair and/or replacement of damaged parts. Before you start “playing” with a radio-controlled helicopter, it is indispensable to know perfectly how to maneuver various commands to be able to get it off the ground and land safely.

For beginners, it is better to buy a radio-controlled helicopter of good quality but not sophisticated, able to fly properly and then with a limited number of commands, so it is preferable to move towards a simple model, with an electric motor. Also, by reading books and more detailed manuals, you can maneuver the helicopters without any problems.

A key feature to consider for these objects is the “number of channels”, whereby such a channel is a specific command that shall be given to the aircraft via a lever on the remote control, moving it back and forth or left and right. The helicopters are at least 2 channels, which can be driven to go “up and down” and “left and right”, while the 3 channels RC also once took off, moving forward or backward. In other cases (4 channels), there is the possibility to rotate the aircraft in a clockwise or counterclockwise, and then tilt it left and right so to do the “tacking” similar to those of real helicopters. Generally, to get started, we recommend the helicopter kits to 4 channels, while the fifth and sixth are ideal for those who have acquired a certain practicality and experience.

The transmitters for helicopters from 4 channels up, generally have 2 major adjustments4 joystick ship. For example, in “Mode 1” the speed is adjusted with the command on the right (back and forth), in “Mode 2” with the one on the left (up and down). In any case, a word of advice to get started, you will definitely get some lessons from experienced people, perhaps by enrolling in a course of model airplanes or flight simulators are also useful for it.