How to Vary the Brightness of an LED Bulb?

The LED bulb is currently very popular due to its many advantages. Using the LED rather than the halogen, savings of energy consumption. It also allows to create moods with a light that can be hot (yellow/orange color) or cold (from in blue tones) otherwise through a neutral light that does not distort the colors… But it also has its share of disadvantages. At a time where the lighting is much used precisely to create moods, it is still difficult yet to use a drive with LED bulbs.


According to hetongdiy, all LED bulbs are not variable, which is different from the incandescent or halogen. There are so-called “dimmable” LED bulbs, that’s what it takes to be able to vary. Just like CFLs, if the LED is not dimmable you cannot use a dimmer…


There are a large number of drive on the market. In addition, most electrical equipment manufacturers try to get to the page… They offer dimmers that are compatible with the LED. This is true in theory, but in practice to vary the led still is very complicated! A LED bulb makes you realize energy savings, so his power is mini (about 5 or for the used bulb GU10 6W). Unfortunately it is very difficult to vary so small powers. So if you have a single bulb to vary, the drive to malfunction to appear quickly. If you have several light bulbs connected to the same drive then you should not be bothered!

To hide nothing, we have a very high rate of SAV on the ecovariateurs Legrand. The latter is given in theory for 3-75W LED bulbs. But malfunctions appear a few months on those used with a dimmable LED bulb. The malfunction reported by our customers are an accidental ignition, a flashing of the light bulb, an inability to shut down the load… However, there is no malfunction to report when the total of the power of the inverter-controlled LED bulbs exceed 40W… For example, if you have 7 spots led 6W ordered by the same Legrand dimmer, then the total power is 42W… And generally it works fine!


There are a large number of dimmer for LED. It was already stated the malfunctioning of some higher models. Some manufacturers, like Schneider, for example, calls for only some models of LED bulbs that are compatible with their drive…

Professional hardware manufacturer Yokis offers a dimmer that can be embedded in a box or modular to be installed in the electrical panel. This dimmer is certainly one of the most reliable in the market even if the functioning of the variation of the LED cannot be 100% guaranteed… The only downside to this dimmer is the switch that is not in the image of a drive. Indeed, you will use a standard push button in line with the electrical equipment of your House.
Yokis also sells a 3W resistive load that is cable in parallel to an LED bulb. It allows to avoid malfunctions by adding power to the lamp.

Install the led at you so is a good idea… But do vary the LED is still not very developed. Manufacturers evolve quickly, they will succeed! However, it is good to know that a drive will not help achieve energy savings. In fact if you have a 10W bulb and you lower the brightness with a dimmer, the bulb will always consume 10W… Even if it illuminates less!