How to Wear a Long Wool Skirt

Offensive cooler days needs a lot of fashionistas caution in compilation of daily images. It is not only insulate but also to preserve its own style, individuality and femininity. In this case, women should pay attention to the long woolen skirts that do a good job of heating and are currently in trend.

Long Woolen Skirts Winter

If you think jeans with thick will warm tights you in the cold better long woolen skirt, you are deeply mistaken. The warmth and comfort that makes this thing is impossible to replace it with anything.

According to theDressExplorer, long skirt of wool will not bring you much trouble as combine can be of different things and is a wonderful both in business and everyday images.

How to Wear a Long Wool Skirt
Like shoes can give preference to short skirt and to wear high boots Mehun to feel warmer and more comfortable.
Long woolen skirts perfectly combine with various blouses, sweaters and blouses. Shadeless model can complement colorful horse, and this is a variant of the model requires restrained flowers in other components of way.
The main trends this season:

  • Long skirt pencil. Ideal for business lady. In combination with a tight shirt and boots heels, your way will be invincible,
  • Long woolen skirt sun. Great look, with short sheepskin coats, sheepskin coats and fur hats. Such as shoes can be worn both on electricity and flat foot;
  • Long wool skirt in the cell. This model is important in almost any situation, as tartan print considered the most fashionable. View photos with the latest hits can be seen that the longest wool skirt in a cage – this is an absolute trend.