How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

You can be beautiful and fashionable with baggy and ripped jeans? Apparently you!

The boyfriend jeans, the jeans with a masculine edge to be taken in the closet of our loan him, continue to enjoy great success and this year are available in many different versions from big names and low cost brand.

Ruined, torn, shredded, perhaps it will seem strange, but that is how are the boyfriend jeans trendiest of the moment.

Bring rolled ankles as do stars and fashion bloggers, boyfriend jeans are better suited to sports outfits but with the right precautions you can also wear more formal occasions.

Are you afraid of appearing sloppy and shabby? Do not worry, just pay a little ‘attention to the combination. Learn how jeans are manufactured on

Here are some ideas to wear boyfriend jeans in the right way.

For an afternoon of shopping bets on comfort! Put on your boyfriend jeans with a plain black t-shirt and completed the look with a pair of sneakers or a pair of slip-on.

For a comfortable outfit but less casual than the last, matched your boyfriend jeans a blue shirt and a pair of lace-ups enhancing the outfit with a camel-colored coat. Alternatively, opt for a pair of loafers and choose a colorful mini bag to carry over your shoulder.

Absolutely to copy the look you see in the picture! In the first look the boyfriend jeans are worn with a white sweater, a pair of pumps and a black coat; the second look instead is composed of a pair of boyfriend jeans frayed at the ankle, a pink sweater from the fit over and a pair of pumps colored ice.

Very nice also the pairings boyfriend jeans + sandals with high heels, perfect to make your outfit much more feminine.