How to Wear Leather Leggings

The leather leggings, also called tregging, is a very tight and supple trousers, crafted from leather or elastic plastic.

It is a rock version of the classic leggings and usually has pockets and a zipper.

The tregging, the other name of leather leggings

The leather leggings, although part of the family of leggings , these tight pants and elastic, has its own name: the tregging.

“Tregging” is a contraction of “trousers”, which means “pants” in English, and “legging” we already know.

Call these pants style “tregging Leather” is a tautology because treggings are nearly almost always in leather. If they are not, they are ultra slinky plastic and flexible, designed to reproduce the effect of leather .

Leather leggings are popular because they look like real pants since they usually have pockets and a zipper.

Warning: the “jeggings leather” does not exist since the “jeggings” is actually leggings made from denim.

The leather legging trend is

The leather leggings, a little less common than jeggings or leggings, were still good the coast.

Indeed, they are a good alternative to heavy leather pants, uncomfortable and expensive.

Treggings leather or synthetics are much more comfortable and less expensive.

In addition, they perfectly follow the trend since they are tight and “skinny”, which means they mold the entire leg from the thigh to the ankle.

How to wear the tregging?

Unlike traditional leggings, but like jeggings, leather leggings are worn like real pants, not under a skirt or dress.

Leather or synthetic treggings are doing particularly well with heels or boots, even flat in biker style.

They give a rock’n’roll look, but chic at once, depending on how the leather legging is highlighted.

From couture to ready-to-wear

Many brands now offer leather leggings. They are so trend became even luxury brands like Balmain or Givenchy, added it in 2009 in their winter collection.

It is a new wind blowing on tregging, much less imposing and more feminine than the traditional leather pants.

In ready to also wear leather leggings have democratized, alongside the jeggings.

For example, the brand Only Island features a leather legging perfectly in the trend: it is skinny, mold well the leg to the ankle, but has zip closure pockets and a fly to truly remember the pants.

In contrast, for those who prefer treggings rather like leggings, the brand Only So Cool offers a synthetic jeggings with fake fly and above all a very comfortable elastic waistband.

Finally, for those who are not sure to appreciate the leather leggings, jeggings there are imitation leather.These are actually jeggings with an impression of oiled jeans, which can completely deceive.