How to Wear Silk Scarf

Casually, vivid and rich. Sidenhalsduken encompasses many aspects of style. An accessory for a wide variety of styles, but at the same time, a clear style wise stance. A statement of elegance without formality.

Under the prevailing weather is a sidenhalsduk in many ways, the perfect accessory. For much of the fall is yllehalsduken something for hot why sidenditon is a good alternative. Another strong argument for silk scarf as described in answerresume is that it can be used indoors.Blithely slung around the neck gives the outfit a casual and at the same time, all dressed up. Suitable for both the shirt and jacket or turtleneck of finer quality. Those who want more heat choose advantageously a two sided scarf with silk on the front side and wool on the back. Especially attractive are sidenhalsduken in combination with mat wool fabrics. The shiny material creates an exciting contrast to a coat of coarse wool.

There are several ways to wear this accessory. Either as previously mentioned casually throw around the neck. In the autumn, is a tip to wear it under a cashmere sweater as in the pictures. Because sidenhalsduken is relatively thin, it can be worn in several layers of clothing without the wearer needs sweat to death. Further, it is an easy way to do such as combination with shirt and jeans something more exciting.