How to Wear The White Dress?

The white dress is part of the basic summer wardrobe. It is fresh, sublime complexion and is very easy to wear during the day and nightlife. But how to wear without “married”? How to choose according to your figure? How associate it with the right accessories? Check out all my tricks to look a “little white dress” more than successful!

How to Wear White Dress

1) Select the white dress according to your body type

Like all the pieces of your wardrobe, the white dress must be chosen carefully.Remember to consider your figure in the choice of the latter. See my article “dress according to her figure” to decrypt yours and know the tricks of cuts and materials explained below.

If you have a silhouette I, you are fine everywhere, a bit like Kate Moss. With the choice between a flowing dress but fairly close to the body or a slinky dress but textured. When I speak of textured pieces, I mention all these tissue effects (embroidery, classic lace or laser, embossed fabrics, etc.) that make your feminine silhouette. So you have to bring some thickness to the fabric you wear to create volume where you need them. You can also opt for a low-cut dress or V with a neckline in the back, it will fit you perfectly!

If you have a silhouette in H, your waist is very pronounced and your body forms a rectangle. What will you best is to opt for a flowing dress , slightly draped in the image of the wrap dress or a flowing dress shirt close to the shape of a tunic dress in a smooth but heavy material to fell right. If you opt for this form, be sure to choose a short dress with high collar or rather a dress collar knee length V. It is important to show what it takes, without overdoing it!

If you have a figure in A, your hips are stronger than your shoulders. You must thin from the belly while highlighting your bust. Opt for a white dress fell to the right as recommended by SummerDressesStore for the summer, or flared from the navel. Top, go for a strapless, or for a high V neckline on the chest or back.

If you have a V shape, your shoulders are higher than your hips. Opt for a fluid top that mark or your shoulders or your chest V-shaped or round collar. Then opt for a low pleated dress to create volume and rather short to reveal your beautiful legs!

Finally, if you have a figure in X, you can afford provided to bet on a dress that will either enhance your figure up or down. Be sure also to choose a dress that accentuates your waist by underlining. If you have a flowing dress, you can of course surround the waist.

2) Pair the white dress with the right accessories

Again, everything happens in the selection of accessories and shoes. In order to wear the white dress, you can opt for a lot of different styles. To you there, first plan with respect to time. What’s great with the white dress is that it leaves a lot of potential to create and imagine a lot of different outfits. She’s just with everything!

With strict moccasins and a satchel bag for work

Moccasins have that little masculine side will immediately upgrade your little white dress. Add a colored graphic or briefcase, a nice watch and some rushes for and you are ready for your day working girl!

  • With camel shoes and accessories for a casual day

White goes so well with the camel! This is an easy combination to reproduce: camel wearing sandals, a natural color bag (camel, nude, beige, cream, raffia etc), a simple necklace and your best sun!

  • With nude shoes and a cloth bag for every day

You know my love for nude shoes! They go with everything and have a magical appeal: they lengthen the legs. Add a cloth bag to the side a bit “bohemian” and big rushes wrist.

  • With shoes that throw in and beautiful jewelry out

To exit, turn the white color that level throws shoes: coral, gold, etc. Catching the eye towards your shoes and wear your most beautiful lipstick and a nice pearl necklace.

3) Wear the white dress with the right coat

Sometimes been synonymous with freshness. The white dress is very easy to associate with an overcoat.

  • With a mesh for the dressed-casual side

Choose a flexible mesh vest and cotton for summer. The best is to opt for a fallen “waterfall” that will put the value dress. Leave aside the too closed or jackets with too much detail. Looking for the simplicity of the cut to stay in the modern!

You can choose a contrasting color, or stay in white or relatives shades like cream or beige. White goes very well with the ivory!

  • With a blazer for a chic side

If you want a more formal dress, put on your blazer! You can also choose a tuxedo shape in a beautiful material that will lengthen the silhouette. This jacket does door or too fitted nor too loose, it must be fittée to you go to the shoulders navy blue, nude, beige, camel or white, playing on a nice neutral color or opt for a beautiful pastel like baby pink, mint green, yellow mimosa or blue sky. Do not slice with too much color that could lose the cost side of the dress in addition to providing too much structure with the jacket.

How do you wear the white dress? Leave me your comments below the article!