How to Wear Vintage Earrings

“A man is judged by the earrings that gives you,” reads a shine Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And what could be better than a pair of vintage earrings to make a gift of an eternal and timeless beauty to wear on any occasion? Be inspired by our site.

Vintage earrings, past glory

Pass from generation to generation, from ear to ear, from gala to aperitifs with friends, in a red dress to a timeless little black dress: a pair of earrings vintage is forever. Vintage stands for eternal beauty, the jewelry that are beyond fads and will remain beautiful and shiny for a long time.

Glitzy, sophisticated and unique: the vintage earrings are the right choice to enrich any outfit with a detail that shifts the focus on your beauty. The earrings are perfect for those long vintage sporting a short hair cut above the shoulders, while the most flashy earrings lobe be coordinated with a necklace just as valuable. It is important to choose the accessories according to the complexion: If you have a fair complexion and honey-colored hair, opt for earrings made ​​of precious stones and the colors of the sky, for livening up with style clothes. If you possess the typical Mediterranean colors, lit his face with vagaries in warm shades such as yellow or red.

The materials that feature vintage earrings are many and varied, and will delight the most discerning tastes:

  • Gold and burnished silver: designed for a woman who admires the past years the charm elegant but moderate, earrings declined in darkened venno materials worn on a white t-shirt or a shirt from ivory tones. Small stylish details from the silver and gold hues that will strike for their refinement.
  • Plastic: perfect if combined with an outfit that gives a nod to the 60sThe colored plastic accompanied by the metal will bring color and vibrancy accent, enriching verve and joy a total black look.
  • Wood: choose them in maxi size to complete an outfit traits boho -chicThe combination of earrings and bracelets in vintage wood will embellish your outfits, attracting the attention.
  • Bakelite: born as an imitation of ivory, coral or turtle, it is one of the materials that best characterizes the style of years cinquante and sixties. Even the vintage jewelry made ​​of this material should be selected in maxi version.

Vintage earrings, fight time

A pair of earrings 1960s, heirloom or discovered in an antique shop, cannot miss in the jewel case of your desk. The passage of time, often, however, they may have scored more than they should, and if a slight patina makes it even more fascinating vintage jewelry, get them back to their original splendor is the right choice. Basically just little: for vintage earrings with bronze or copper parts, just gently rub a cloth soaked in water and lemon juice. For jewelry that is blackened, however, what is needed is a bath a couple of hours in a bowl full water and dishwashing liquid.

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