Hp Deskjet 3720: Mini-Format Inkjet Printer in Test

The HP Deskjet 3720 is the smallest multifunction printer in the world.Whether it is small or good, the test reveals.

Superlatives are always hard to prove. The fact is that HP has succeeded with the Deskjet 3720 a very compact multifunction printer. It is designed for users who want to print and scan from the mobile device. For this the manufacturer has simultaneously released the “Social Media Snapshots” app. It allows you to customize and print photos from social networks like Facebook or Instagram. The app is free to download for Android, iOS and Windows in the appropriate stores. The suitable photo paper is self-adhesive, can be detached from the substrate and has a dimension of 10 x 13 centimeters. It is not attached to the combi printer, but currently costs about 10 dollars for 25 sheets.

The main advantage of the HP Deskjet 3720 lies in its design. He finds a spot even in a small space. For the front, however, you need to calculate more area, since this requires the device as a paper tray. The compact dimensions result in a scanning unit that needs to be used. Only one sheet can be processed via the indentation, which must also be inserted very correctly. Book scans fall flat. In addition, the HP model operates slowly in all disciplines and generates expensive side rates. It is therefore only suitable for rare occasions. Overall, a fun article rather than a classic workplace for printing, scanning and copying.


+ Ultra-compact

+ Wi-Fi Direct


– no real switch

– salted page prices

– Scratch-proof scanner

– no borderless printing

Entry Scanner As Equipment Feature

In fact, the HP Deskjet 3720 occupies little space on the desk. This is mainly due to the minimized scanner. The manufacturer calls the technology “scroll feed”. This is a type of feed scanner whose reading line is arranged across the width of the device. This results in the width of a DIN-A4 sheet and at the same time saves the size of the otherwise usual glass surface.

Despite the small dimensions, HP has a small font display on the Deskjet 3720. It shows the number of copies and symbols for the cartridge fill level. There are eight buttons on the control panel, which in turn are indicated by symbols only. Black and white and color copies have their own buttons-this is good. In addition to the USB port, the multifunction printer can be connected to the home network via WLAN and also has a WiFi Direct function. The device prints, scans, and copies. A fax is not provided. There is a maximum of 60 sheets in the narrow paper tray. HP has saved its own paper tray. The floor space must be used for this purpose.

Consumption-Small Combination Cartridges

As small as the device are also the ink cartridges. They are part of the 304 series and have an integrated print head. The starter kit is quickly printed in the test. Also in the purchase of XL-variants is not an excessive amount of content in it. So we calculate with 8.3 cents for the black and 8.7 cents for the colored sheet also salted side prices. They can only be reduced by participating in the manufacturer’s Instant Ink program. But even with the more favorable ink supply, the device is only suitable for occasional use. The power consumption of the HP Deskjet 3720 is unobtrusive. However, it must be attributed to a minus: the switch does not completely separate the multifunction printer from the power supply. The meter still shows 0.2 watts when switched off – an unnecessary consumption.

Speed-Very Easy Operation

The compact design takes its toll. The HP Deskjet 3720 works very leisurely. This is shown in the test, especially in the case of more than one: We are waiting for ten-color A4 pages from Acrobat over five minutes. Also an A4 photo takes with 4:35 minutes long. We need more patience when scanning. This is mainly the case at the feeder, which processes only absolutely exactly inserted originals correctly. The preview with 22 seconds takes almost as long as a full color scan (24 seconds). At all, the measured values ​​are very similar. They show that the unit is only for the occasional scan. This also applies to copying. In one piece, the combiner only allows a maximum of 9 copies. In addition, it takes a minimal sloppily fed sheet immediately evil. It is advisable not to wait, but to abort immediately.

Quality-No Borderless Printing

For an ink multifunction printer, which is particularly suitable for photos from the social networks, it is surprising that he can not create borderless images. In the pure text print, the HP Deskjet 3720 delivers neat results, albeit with minimal ink dots around the letters.The colors, on the other hand, are harmonious and remain natural in skin tones. The test cans show a relatively strong redness, but they are sharp. Since the intake scanner is used to getting used to, it causes some tests in the test. On the whole, there is a devaluation, because in these cases the scans were not to be used. The copies also suffer slightly below the scan unit. You’ll easily get something wrong. In addition, color copies are too light, which means that details are lost.

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