HTC Could Be The First Manufacturer to Have The Certificate PlayStation

A year ago, when Sony introduced PS Vita left between two more projects: on the one hand PlayStation Suite, a programme aimed at developers could create games compatible with the laptop and Android devices. On the other hand, we have the certificates PlayStation.

With these seals, Sony authorized manufacturers that could include the PlayStation Network and therefore their games on their mobiles and tablets. However, to date this agreement has only become the Japanese company devices although this may shatter soon and HTC would be the first to have this certificate.

According to Pocket-Lint the Taiwanese company will be the first, beyond the borders of Sony, to count with a device certificate PlayStation. Already at the time Kaz Hirai announced that it was interested in bringing the experience of their consoles to other devices but at least in its first year of life have found that their progress has been rather shy.

These devices, perhaps only one or maybe several, they would come to the market at the end of year. Moment it is unknown what will be. On the table we have the HTC Ville and the Endeavor, possibly at the MWC know who, or who, will be the chosen ones that can play PlayStation classics among others.

If true, it would reinforce HTC strategy with one ally more. Once we saw how took seriously the subject of sound investing 300 million in Beats and incorporating a chip to process music independently in HTC Sensation XL. Now, will get a unique catalogue of games, which also will have to add that the manufacturer of the processor has: Qualcomm or Nvidia.