HTC One Gets Android 4.3 Update Deployment Started

Rollout of Android 4.3 update for HTC One is started – yet it uncertain when it hits Denmark.

HTC may be said to be fast with their Android updates for the top model HTC. The announcement is now to roll out Android 4.3 begun to HTC One. It writes our site.

A short time ago was HTC’s u.s. Chief Jason Mackenzie also unable to promise that Android 4.3 update was on his way to the HTC One already this month. This kept so plugs, as the update is started ‘ ticking in “on the devices.

Then it is on to keep an eye on your HTC One unit, however, it is unknown when it comes to the Danish units.

-“Sorry, we have no official date yet,” is the message from HTC Denmark to our site.

Have you received Android 4.3 update, please write in the comments box below.