HTC One X and One S Leaked Pictures


If yesterday we showed the advertising renderings of the HTC One X, the undecided terminal of the Taiwanese also know as Edge HTC or HTC Endeavour, today we bring you the actual images of One X and One S, his brother/main, formerly known as HTC Ville.

Bring these two terminals sealed internal battery, so you can not access them and place them expanded or spare batteries. While the design is slightly different from the line that usually does HTC, it is also unmistakable.


And I say is, because both handsets are completely identical, except for some feature that I am not able to appreciate. This from my point of view is why the main difference of these terminals is in the hardware, and the size, the 4.7 inch One X 4.3 of One S.

HTC Sensation (left) next to the HTC One S

We can also see that replaced the typical pendant with four touch pads of the images that were by the three Ice Cream Sandwich shortcut buttons. Also seen a hollow for the MicroSIM and nothing else, so it is assumed that you will not have slot for MicroSD.

Back cover of the HTC One S

Let us remember that HTC has created One line for redesigning its roadmap, betting with the One X by the most cutting-edge range, with its Tegra 3 and its 4.7 inches, while with the One S, dual-core 1.5 GHz and screen 4.3 inches, will compete directly with the most current terminals. Is also a point to keep in mind that it is of completely useful screens, Since the keypad is located outside this.