Huawei Mate 8: Camera Tips For Better Photos

The Huawei Mate 8 was able to convince not only because of his outstanding performance and good handling in our test, but scored well with good camera properties. After all, the noble Smartphone on the back has a camera that takes pictures with reputable 16 MP.

Also, not many upper-class smartphones with an 8 can wait to MP front-facing camera is installed at the Huawai Mate 8. But a famous photographer once aptly said: “It’s not the on camera, but what is behind it (the user)”. That’s why we explain produced a few tips and tricks, like her better with the Smartphone camera shots.

Solid Documents Against Camera Shake

Especially in low-light conditions you have trouble, desired motifs without Verwackler sure or and unsightly streaks to scan. Although the Huawei Mate 8 brings with it a fast lens, this must compensate for low-light with a longer exposure time. Then, hardly anyone has so steady hands, which could make for a sharp shot.

Huawei Mate 8 Camera Tips For Better Photos

If you have a tripod at hand, you can however Dodge on a solid surface as a makeshift. If this is not present, still the possibility to you lean against a wall and holding the breath in the snapping is you. Dedes LED flash is recommended rather not: light makes appear mostly cool and clear motives. In addition, the range of the Flash unit in most cases may be too low to illuminate the desired scene.

Successful Images In Low Light

Who the previous tips help in low light, can access your digital tricks and use the night mode already installed by Huawei. You, achieved this by her in the camera app of the Huawei mate 8 menu button right opens up on the display.

If the results with the night mode also does not convince you, you can readjust also through expert settings. To do this go into the camera menu and this time selects the point of “Professional”. Is the bottom appearing option bow on “ISO” and selected a light sensitivity by 100 then tap the S for “Shutter Speed” and is set to 0.6 then tap the option to adjust the Helligkeitsmessungs mode left. Then select the leftmost function for spot metering and take photos of a photo. If necessary, you can still adjust and increase the ISO value. A too high value may have however unsightly noise to the result.

Use The Expert Mode

As long as you use the automatic mode, the Huawei Mate 8 tries always to set the best settings for the respective scenes. In most cases, this works quite well, but sometimes you want to miss the photos maybe a different mood. For this, you can use the professional mode which you as described on the menu of the camera, errecht.

There, you can manually set the ISO sensitivity not only, but perform also a manual white balance, and adjust the contrast and brightness. Also, you can adjust the auto focus from single to multi point or even interpolated measurement. If you experimented a little with these settings, you will get a good sense of what scenes create with what controls on your images can over time.


  • Use a tripod or a stable surface in low light conditions
  • The night mode helps you create photos in low light
  • The automatic mode provides most appropriate camera settings depending on the ambient light
  • Experimenting with professional mode, to give the finishing touches to your photos