Huawei P8: Video Promises The ‘Miracle Of Light’

Effective video with little information: Huawei has released a short film on YouTube to promote the camera properties of the P8, PhoneArena reports. Apparently, the sensor has special exposure characteristics.

Although the video of Huawei is 1:40 minute long, viewers get to know little about the P8 itself – or the camera. This is quite common in such teaser movies, as should be aroused interest, without giving too much away. The film uses the recent Eclipse of the Sun as a starting point and shows a man who is to direct all the light in the environment seems in the passes.

Eight As A Central Element

At the end of the video, an eight from light railways is to see, which is located on the side. The eight always plays a central role in previously released teasers. Caption reads: “See the new wonder of light”, which can be translated as “Behold the new miracle of light”. Then follow still the place and date of the event on which the P8 of the public will be presented.

The main camera of P8 to MP resolve rumored with 13, while the front camera MP provides the resolution of 8. Probably Huawei has the cameras of the Ascend designed successor to P7, allow good photos even in low light conditions. The Huawei P8 to have a 5.2-inch display, which dissolves in full HD. The Smartphone is powered alleged by the eight-core processor Kirin 935, a 3 GB of large memory page is available. Huawei may presents also an offshoot of the previous flagship model on April 15, which could mean Huawei P8 Lite.