Immerse Yourself in The Life of a Prison in The Escapists, The Creators of Worms

We are finally seeing how come more games from Steam, the platform of video games for PC that stands out for being a space well exploited by teams of indie games. Games which, although some are also well popular studies, often characterized by good original ideas or making relive some of other decades, as what we have at hand and will bring some memories of the legendary crime Abbey.

The Escapists is a Team17 game, the creators of the famous Worms, that will take you to immerse yourself in the life of a prison. One of the best additions to the Google Play Store so far of the year and offers a gameplay experience hard to find right now on Android, since apart from feeling in your meat what it’s like in a prison, you will have that find a way to escape it, are you ready for the challenge of The Escapists?

Making the routine of prison

If something is distinguished the great Abbey of crime, it was because we sumergíamos us in the priestly life with all that it meant. It is collected in The Escapists, where you have that Get daily routines such as going to the gym, food, take attendance or working in the laundry.

You will have free time to communicate with your colleagues in prison, just as you can buy them all sorts of objects or with any of them to antagonise you when you well Brown lies in those fights which will be one of the denominators in common pass your days in prison.

The Escapists uses six prisons you will have each of them their own peculiarities. Logically, you will begin your journey in life in prison by the easier to find you the latest maximum security and that they will have to watch out for any loophole that leave to get away from them.

Daily routines allow you improve your physical appearance as happens at the gym, or take the necessary energies at breakfast to pounce you on one of the guards, and so any of your classmates can undertake that mission you entrusted. To communicate with the prisoners, you’ll find all sorts of missions that will offer you the possibility of obtaining gold and other rewards. And also you can steal them, although this will get some enmities.

Gradually you will know the prison as if it were your House, so devise escape plan. This escape plan may not always be equal and you have to be well skilled in take advantage the opportunities that the officers give you or the trouble that mountains with the rest of friends who you will be throwing in prison.

A game to discover all its secrets

The Escapists presents an almost unparalleled gaming experience in the Google Play Store. These daily routines lead to mini-games as they are different jobs. In the laundry you have to take the dirty clothes, put it in the washing machine, pull it out and fold it to so add the daily points needed to make not you fault.

These mini-games are also in the gym, where you can increase the strength of hit to lift weights or running on the treadmill. You also have the option to go to the library and increase intelligence, to be able to access other jobs that originate more money daily.

But where the key gives The Escapists is in the freedom offered by the player to discover all its secrets, corners to hide, fights originated aposta, theft to officers, the manufacture of objects or the possibility of slipping by ventilation ducts to there store the screwdriver or that key that will allow you to leave when you need it.

Payment, but high-quality game

Leave much more in the pipeline for yourself, find out since it saves many pleasant surprises The Escapists. Good game that is, as you have it available for €3,99 without extra payments, the content once and even in Spanish.

Are many hours of play offering, and at the time you make the life of the prison, you will enjoying it much more. Even will arrive instantly or you want to get away to become the “boss” of the prison to have frightened all teammates of presidio.

A special game that deserves your attention and more coming from who comes, Team17. If you are looking for something different in Android, today is your lucky day.

The Escapists1.0.1

  • Version of Android: Since 2.3
  • Developer: Team 17 Digital Limited
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: $3.99
  • Category: Strategy