Importance of Using a Good Quality Paper for Pinters

The use of a low quality paper can influence over what looks like the end result of the impression, rather logical if we think that the role is the base that supports our work in print.

Choosing a good quality paper to avoid problems of coiling and corrugated paper, shadows and spots in print, little accurate colors, distorted characters, totascamiento of the printers, etc.

Tips that can help you choose better:

♦ take into account the type of document you want to print or work with which usually and the type of printer (laser or inkjet)

♦ for copies simple and documentation basic internal of a company whenever printing on printer laser in white and black will be sufficient a paper normal of 80 gr. But if you want to print in color laser we will need greater weight and higher paper quality. Check for more.

♦ for printing digital never you should use weights lower to 80 gr. He paper with weight lower, will tend to wrinkle is and wiggle is and to a continuous binding of the printer. Them papers designed for printing digital is manufactured to respond of form adequate to the temperature of them printers, carry improved their levels of humidity and also the softness in surface. For the imresion digital to color is fundamental a role of greater weight to withstand them 4 layers of color of toner that print the printer.

With a very low weight we can see shadows in the printed characters, since it does not absorb properly the ink or toner, little accurate, off or faded colors, characters distornisonados, etc.

♦ Use a good quality paper and your printer will thank you. Not only will improve the quality of your work, but alargarás the life of your printer. A role of bad quality, will release a large amount of dust or lint that is will go depositing in them rollers of the printer and eventually estropeandola. Our service is a very typical repair. Customers never cease to be amazed when we show the exploded printer and see the amount of dust and dirt caused by poor quality paper.

♦ stores the role of form right. The role absorbs too much moisture and this makes that you can have trouble printing if not you’ve stored it in a dry place.

♦ a role of low quality many times not is capable of keep is stable in the phase of printing, by this reason them characters, images or texts can leave twisted or distorted.

As conclusion, want to indicate you that although sketch of a good printer professional, of high performance and a good ink or toner, if not choose a paper of good quality not aprovecharéis all the pontential that you offers your printer and can suffer important errors of printing and even spoil your peripheral.