In Paddle Tennis Shoes

We continue with our review of one of the most important elements when practicing paddle: footwear.

It is not more remember that when a player starts to play the sport, often thinks that any shoe is valid, and is not correct. In paddle ball is not only hit, but you have to run, stop, jump… These actions so varied, IamHigher recommends you use specific shoes, which have some features that other shoe is lacking, for example, the running shoes.

The first step is to find a shoe comfortable, having good stability. If a player is not comfortable with the footwear you can reach have a lesion by poor posture, since if the tread is not pleasant will tend to incorrectly.

Then there are two characteristics to take into account, both of great importance: the shoe must have good clamping. To make this happen, you must have reinforcements both in the heel and forefoot. In addition, you must have a good buffer, if possible in all plant to better curb the impacts (point out that each brand presents a type of buffer).

Last but not least, the shoe should have a sole suitable for paddle tennis (currently, there are two types of soles that are marketed more: Omni outsole that has multitacos in all the sole and sole stem which is the same as those used for clay track, but recent studies show that they have a good grip for the paddle); a good ventilation system, to prevent overheating of the foot; and a good system of resistance to the movements of the paddle.

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